Hancock Town Council lowers speed limit on Center Street

July 10, 2003|by TARA REILLY

HANCOCK - The Hancock Town Council agreed to lower the speed limit on Center Street to 15 miles per hour after a councilman said cars frequently speed on the street.

The street's speed limit has been 25 miles per hour.

Councilman Darwin Mills, who lives on Center Street, presented the Town Council with a petition signed by residents of the street who wanted a lower speed limit.

"I've lived with this for the last four or five years ... It's time for something to be done," Mills said.

Hancock Police Chief Donald Gossage said police have done several speed checks on the street and the fastest speed they've clocked was 29 mph.


Councilman Randy Pittman said 29 mph was pretty fast for a short street and that it was still speeding.

Mills said the street is about 600 or 700 feet long.

Pittman and Councilmen Greg Yost and David Smith said the petition from residents was enough for them to agree to a speed limit change.

"This is what I needed to see from the residents," Yost said. "If they want it, they got it."

Mayor Daniel A. Murphy asked what would happen if other residents approached the Town Council asking for speed limit changes on their roads.

"Citizens can set the speed limit?" Murphy asked.

The Town Council responded, "Yes."

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