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Mail Call

July 09, 2003

"I want to thank the person who found my purse at the blood pressure machine at Wal-Mart and turning it in to the customer service desk. What a good person you must be. God will bless you."

"Why do you assume that the homeless are buying cigarettes? Most of the time they bum a cigarette here and there. Because I know a homeless person and that is what they do. You very seldom see one with an entire pack of cigarettes."

"I am beginning to think that there are weapons of mass deception."

"I want to say that I can't believe that the city of Hagerstown wants to raise taxes to cover the cost of keeping the parking meters down. They are always crying the blues that they have no money, but they can go and spend thousands of dollars to get employees new shirts and hats when they had a much safer orange shirt to wear. They waste money like there is no tomorrow."


"I wanted to thank Long Meadow Shopping Center for the most beautiful fireworks on Wednesday evening. Thanks for a great evening."

"To the person who called in and wanted to know what the SPCA was for because they wouldn't remove a dead deer. The SPCA is for live animals, not dead ones. You have to call the roads department or someone like that. They take care of the dead animals. The SPCA has nothing to do with the dead animals."

"Do any of you Mail Callers have a 1989 North Hagerstown High School yearbook? I don't but if you have one, could you look up someone with the initials J.H.B? I think his first name may be John. I have something that belongs to him that he had lost. Please help me find him. I am leaving for a two-week vacation on July 6, but I will be checking the paper when I get back."

"I found a Huffy bike in front of my house today. It sat here all day long and all night long. If someone had a Huffy bike stolen and can describe the color to me, call me at 301-797-0319."

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