Blast from the past

July 09, 2003

Week of July 6, 1953

Heat becomes intense in the Hagerstown mayor's office this time of year and because windows are open, conversations are frequently interrupted by the noise of traffic at the busy North Potomac and Franklin Street intersection.

Councilman Ralph Fiery said he believes the City of Hagerstown is sufficiently progressive that it can air condition the Mayor's office in view of the large number of official callers there.

For some decades census figures have shown that the population of the county is split just about 50-50 between the city and the county.

The same holds true for the assessed value of all property, although the city does have the edge.

Although an invitation had been issued to President Eisenhower to play over the 18-hole Fountain Head Country Club golf course here when he is sojourning at Camp David, the President chose the small 9-hole course of the Monterey Country Club last Saturday.


Hagerstown lawyer, David D. Byron, is president of the Monterey Country Club.

Week of July 6, 1978

Will 100 pounds of worms turn the city's sewage into germ-free, nutrient-rich fertilizer worthy of conditioning the most prize-winning rose garden?

City officials expect to know within 30 days whether worms feeding on a ton of sludge a day can consistently convert waste materials into a marketable product.

The Hagerstown City Council lifted its six-month-long ban on the Summer Sounds concert series at City Park yesterday.

New rules will limit concerts of any type to two hours in the afternoons and evenings.

In a surprise visit to this area Thursday afternoon, President Jimmy Carter and his family toured Antietam Battlefield as part of a leisurely 11-hour drive through three states which encompassed much of the Civil War history that abounds in this locale.

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