Mail Call

July 08, 2003

"I've been reading all the stories on the homeless in The Herald-Mail and I'm appalled by these people whining about not being able to afford housing or food or a new tent. Give us all a break. They are shown smoking in your photos and at $4 or more for a pack. They talk about sitting around and drinking and wanting us all to feel sorry for them. Well let them take that four something and add it up at one pack a day for seven days a week, times 52 and that's $1,560 a year. Now add up what they drink. Somewhere, somehow they have money to smoke and drink. Come on, you guys. I think not! They choose this way of life, so let them live it."

"The Herald-Mail becomes more comical all the time. In the paper the other day, Bob Maginnis claimed that he voted for George Bush the last time. I could care less, but maybe he is just saying that so he doesn't offend some of our readers. I voted for Al Gore and I am very proud of it. I am not going to hide that from anyone."


"This is in regards to the Mail Call about the Garden State tannery workers using the food bank in Williamsport. Let me inform you that those workers never did get unemployment after the strike was over. They haven't received it yet. They can't pay rent and they can't get assistance."

"Regarding the child tax credit. Call 1-800-829-1040, you will get a recorded message about when you are going to get your extra money this year. It depends on the last two digits of your Social Security number, 00-33 will be issued on Aug. 7; ending from 34 and up is Aug. 15."

"In reference to the Mail Call, I disagree with the homeless and think that nobody should be forced to do anything. Of course we should force the children to wear decent clothes to school."

"About the $400 check that we were supposed to get from the IRS. Nope, we didn't get ours yet. Does anyone know when they will be coming out?"

"I too am very upset about the drug dealing problems in Hagerstown. They put them in jail, then they let them out on probation."

"I would like to say thank you to James Bailey for writing an outstanding letter to the editor titled "Stop complaining" in the July 3 issue."

"In the July 2 Mail Call, I read with interest that a concerned citizen is going to become a member of one of the neighborhood watch programs. If we have more people who are concerned and become involved, we can do it. I am with the We Care Watch Group and you are misinformed. We get wonderful cooperation from the police. My hat is off to the police. All we have to do is call and they are Johnny on the spot."

"I am calling about the traffic and pedestrian lights in Hagerstown. Why do they both have the right of way at the same time? You have the walk light as well as the green light for traffic. Someone is really going to get hurt."

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