Letters to the editor - 7/8/03

July 08, 2003

Oil is reason enough

To the editor:

As of late, there has been a lot of unwarranted criticism directed toward people who do not support the war effort in Iraq. I remind everyone that freedom of speech and freedom of choice are rights that every United States citizen is entitled to exercise.

The most prevalent reasons for supporting the war effort are 1) The war will eliminate weapons of mass destruction available to Iraq's evil government, 2) We need to free the people of Iraq from oppression and 3) We are there, so I support the effort.

Let's get one thing straight; I support the war effort in Iraq. I don't support the effort because it eliminates weapons of mass destruction (there aren't any such weapons to be found). I don't support the effort to free the people from oppression because that is not the reason we went to war with Iraq. I don't support the war effort just because we are there.


I support the war with Iraq for the real and only logical reason we choose to have a war. Who would you rather have control over the richest oil nation in the world - Russia, France, Saudi Arabia, China or the United States?

To know the real reason we choose to fight a war in Iraq, read Time magazine, May 13 issue, story "Iraq's Crude Riches." After reading the truth, you will have a reason to support the war effort.

William Peck
Needmore, Pa.

Pennsy library ready to grow

To the editor:

Many in our community are aware of the contributions the Fendrick Library had made to the civic and community life we share in the Mercersburg, Pa., area. The goal of the Mercersburg Library Association is to make us all aware of this great community asset.

The past quarter century has been a period of growth and change for the Fendrick Library. The book collection has continued to increase dramatically. We have doubled our shelf space, and then doubled it again. And yet today we find ourselves out of available space to expand our book collection.

In order to maintain its exceptional tradition of independence and outreach to the greater Mercersburg community in the future, the Fendrick Library must increase its endowment and add to its physical plant. To complement the value of the library's past benefits and services to the public, we must develop increased financial support.

It is important that this support be encouraged not only with individuals, but also with businesses and institutions as well.

Over the next three years, the Fendrick Library will conduct a fund-raising campaign to raise $750,000. We are confronting the reality that to continue the library's outreach to the local community through its programs and services, we must have the committed support of our constituents.

What specific goals will this fund-raising address?

1. To provide the money necessary to erect and furnish an addition to the library's existing facility, which make possible:

a. An increase of 4,500 linear feet to the available bookshelf space.

b. A much-needed computer resource center, to make computer access available to those in the community who may not be able to afford it themselves.

c. More adequate space in which to conduct existing and future outreach programs, including our extensive children's programs.

2. In order to maintain the new addition as well as the existing facility, to increase the library's current endowment.

3. To strengthen and add to the Fendrick Library's community outreach programs, we must encourage and increase our use of volunteers from the community in those programs.

All of the above reasons are the "why" of the Fendrick Library Fund-raising Campaign.

We are pleased to acknowledge the recent donation to the Fendrick Library of $120,000 from the Mercersburg Development Association. This generous gift toward the proposed building addition gives us encouragement as we now turn to the community at large.

Mercersburg Library Association
Board of Directors

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