'Primetime' explores shuttle investigation

July 07, 2003

Monday, July 7

5 p.m. on Comedy Central

"Heroes of Jewish Comedy"

A six-part series looks at top comedians who have drawn on their Jewish identity, starting with an episode devoted to "Insult." Judd Hirsch is the narrator. Continues through Friday.

9 p.m. on PBS

"American Experience"

"Bataan Rescue." In what is said to be the most daring rescue mission of World War II, more than 500 American prisoners of war were saved in 1944. This program includes recollections from both former prisoners and their liberators.

10 p.m. on ABC


The space program seems to be recovering faster than it did after Challenger exploded in 1986, but many questions about the loss of Columbia remain. This special edition reports on what has been learned so far from the Feb. 1 disaster.

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