Letters to the editor - 7/5/03

July 05, 2003

Iraq done well

To the editor:

In James Gregory's letter ("War raises a number of troubling questions," June 30) he makes a lot of gratuitous assertions about the meaning of the words diplomacy, peace, patriot and patriotism.

By hand-picking among the definitions in the dictionary as he tries to make a case for his anti-war sentiment, he is exposing himself to the same anti-intellectual heap of contradictory hyperbole that he accused the "mainstream" media of doing.

One definition of peace is also "freedom from mental agitation or anxiety" and I submit that we no longer have to fear Saddam, nor another Sept. 11 coming from Iraq.


His definition for "patriot" also is not complete. It states in whole "one who loves his country and zealously guards its welfare; especially, a defender of popular liberty." Why is it that he conveniently left it all out? Is it because he get his gospel from a taxpayer funded radio station which only gives one side of a story?

They actually fired a commentator for agreeing with Bush policy. Is that fair and balanced? He is also off the mark with "patriotism," which is defined with four words only "devotion to one's country."

I did not see the word "principle" in there anywhere. And by adding words, his credible argument is lost.

And finally in "diplomacy" he selected a self-serving portion of the definition with "The art or practice of conducting international relations, as in negotiating alliances, treaties and agreements," with all the resolutions and liberal "diplomacy" over the last 12 years. I think another definition explains it better: "The skill or tact in dealing with others or in managing some affair."

The majority of Americans agree that we "managed" this affair correctly.

Daniel Trey
Thurmont, Md.

Mission is great

To the editor:

It is difficult to know first where to begin to thank you for all of the hard work you've done, representing those in need, like myself. I have been wishing to share with you, Pastor Brad Jacobs, and the entire staff of the Rescue Mission, my, and my family's bountiful ensuing thanks. We wish to take this opportunity to express our deep appreciation for the manner in which you lead those like myself into the ever- awaiting hands of our Lord Jesus.

This community is so fortunate to have such a great team, (Rescue Mission and the Good Samaritan Lodge) working in our behalf. We pray constantly that these facilities, in their Christian endeavors, will have a lasting, eye-awakening effect on those who apply themselves.

As I have already shared in testimonies (pouring one's heart out), as I did spirituality and in fulfilling the programs' requirements; one leaves a new creature.

There is absolutely nothing, more sensational then entering the programs as you provide, and exiting a new spiritual person, but having the same name you came in with. This new self gives living testimony to the healing powers that only God and Jesus possess.

I dearly wish that I had known 25 years ago what I have learned through this program. That no matter how hard or how often you try, you cannot accomplish anything without going to Jesus.

I can give my family, daughter, wife, everyone, the Jeff that they once loved and knew, before alcohol addiction took over and caused my life to spiral downward. Thank you for allowing me to be an example of what God and Jesus can do; if you only allow them to take control.

In conclusion, when narrating my past addresses, (I include): Four States Christian Mission Inc., 125 N. Prospect St., P.O. Box 685, Hagerstown, MD 21741 (The Resh Farm).

How long: (The summer of 2002).

Reason left: (God told me I was ready).

To you, and your entire staff, (especially the Jacobs family), back to the Godly founders. (Mr. and Mrs. Resh). We extend our deepest appreciation for Godly jobs well done.

Please keep us in your prayers, as we keep you in ours. May God bless you, and keep you safe and well. In Christian love, we thank you.

Please extend our additional thanks to Pastor Bill Clark, (Mt. View Baptist) and Pastor John Miller, (Faith Christian Fellowship Churches).

Jeff DeLauney and family

Calling Troop 4

To the editor:

We would like to locate former members and leaders of Boy Scout Troop 4 of John Wesley United Methodist Church, formerly St. Paul's Methodist Church.

Troop 4 is celebrating its 75th anniversary and we want to contact all former members to invite them to a celebration. If you are a former member of Troop 4 or if you know a former member, please contact us at 301-733-1504 or 301-797-1021.

Donald E. Donat

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