Mail Call for 7/2

July 03, 2003

"I disagree with the Letters to the editor in Monday's paper about what to do with the homeless. Nobody should be forced to do anything. Do we need to force children in schools to dress appropriately rather than dress sexually and if they don't then they don't go to school. That doesn't make any sense. Nobody should be forced to do anything. I think we need to work with some of these people."

"I think the picture of Tim Rowland looks great and I also enjoy reading his column."- Hagerstown

"Every day we lose another soldier in Iraq. It has become a constant thing, even though our leader declared that the battle phase was over. Every day it becomes clearer and clearer that the administration was not prepared for what would happen when Sadaam was toppled, or was he toppled? We have no proof of that. Every day they offer excuses as to why this is happening. Every day the people of Iraq, all of them, begin to hate the United States more and more because we have become the oppressor's in their country. The Bush Administration has no plan to get out of this mess. They lied to the American people about the weapons of mass destruction and they are lying now. Who is paying the price, the men and women, who are over there putting their lives on the line. Families will be affected by the decisions that are made by the high powered suits in Washington."


"If these so called homeless people are really homeless, how can they afford the cigarettes and the booze?"

"I am calling Mail Call about the 15 year reunion for North High for the class of 1988. My name is Mike, I would like more information about the reunion. My number is 301-766-0721."

"I feel very sorry for the homeless people, however I noticed that the picture of the homeless guy in Sundays paper, he was holding a cigarette. He had money for the cigarettes."

"Did anyone get their $400 check from the IRS yet?"

"I am wondering why there is a law nationwide that we are to wear our seat belts. Click it or ticket it. But yet you ride around town and you see numerous city police driving with no seat belt. I feel that if we have to abide by this, they should too."

"I want to address the ministers in Hagerstown and Washington County. Why are they more interested in buttering their own bread than meeting the needs of the children in our neighborhood's?"

"Concerning the neighborhood watch. I think it is a wonderful thing and I plan on becoming involved in it, but they are getting no support from the police, no support from any of our city officials. They are trying to defeat crime and drugs. Why do we as individual neighbors have to take care of this ourselves."

"I am very upset, I would like to know why we have a Narcotics Task Force when they are doing absolutely nothing to clean up Hagerstown drug dealer problem in every area of Hagerstown. Nobody is doing anything but letting these drug dealers, on a daily basis, to invade our neighborhoods and the police just look the other way. What kind of Narcotics department is that?"

"What does it take to get someone to come out and look in the Smithsburg area, across from Holiday Acres and see all the dead birds lying in the development. What does it take? Many phone calls have been made to the Health Department and the West Nile Hotline and they say to pick up the birds yourself. What is the problem here?"

"At the intersection of Walnut and Church Street, there is a stop sign, at least I know there is one there, right by the Union Rescue mission. People are not stopping at the stop sign. I wonder if that stop sign is not visible enough there."

""I am calling about a ring that I found at the Hagerstown Fairgrounds. Its a high school ring. The name of the school is Will C Wood High School. It is a red stone. Call me at 301-991-3718."

"I just read in Mail Call where Garden State Tannery workers had to use the food bank in Williamsport for help when they were on strike. I feel sorry for the strikers, but they were only out for about a month. Did they really have to fall back on the food bank?"

"In the paper the other day, there was an article about thousands registering for the 'do not call list' for telemarketers. I get maybe one call a month, the only reason that is, is because over the past three or four years, I have said two things, "I am not interested and please remove me from you call list immediately." When you do this, there is no reason to get on the no call list."

"I am sitting on a bench on the boardwalk in Ocean City, Md. I am looking at the streets and highways here and they are nothing like Hagerstown. I certainly miss Hagerstown's bricks and metal plates, ha! ha! ha! Come to Ocean City if you want to see un-interrupted highways and streets. They are clean and passable. It's a shame that both cities are in Maryland, but Ocean City is much more advanced than Hagerstown."

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