Letters to the editor 7/3/2003

July 03, 2003

Sosa's bat was a big deal

To the editor:

You should have pulled Donald Kaul's column of June 23. I usually read his work, but now fear that I have lost all confidence in his ethical judgment.

1. Sammy Sosa's illegal bat is a very "big deal" for both the game and Sosa. Sosa has batting records that might some day be historical records in the Hall of Fame. Thousands of Little Leaguers collecting baseball cards, must already wonder if his scores are legitimate. This has hurt baseball more than anything Pete Rose has ever done. Fans may cheer him on, but he has maimed himself, and he knows it.

2. Insider trading was not illegal when it was just a game between the Rockefellers, the Astors, the Vanderbilts, Joe Kennedy and such. But when others do this today, hundreds of small investors are cheated. That is why it is not now legal. Donald Kaul must know that, too.


3. Times change. When Warren G. Harding was womanizing at work there were no laws about it. When John F. Kennedy put an intern on the federal payroll, and had her serve as his paramour, again, no working laws covered it. But by the time Bill Clinton got around to all his shenanigans, we had sexual harassment laws on the books, and test cases before the courts. Clinton signed some of those laws, so he knew about them.

And none of this has anything to do with our constitutional procedures for the nation to go to war. Donald Kaul should either retire or get into the 21st century.

Charles M. Webster

Soda prank was no capital crime

To the editor:

I am writing concerning an issue with the administrator, board members and staff of Grace Academy.

Maybe you remember the old saying, "If the shoe fits, wear it."

When they experience the joy of seeing their child or grandchild graduate, I hope they remember the joy that was taken away from those on graduation day 2003. It's something that will have an impact forever.

And why? Because two girls were with those who decided to play a prank with a "soda bottle bomb." A "bomb" that created smoke and a loud noise, with no damage - not on school time and no charges filed on the girls by law enforcement.

When Jesus was accused falsely before he was crucified, the Bible says he uttered not a word. Oh, to be like my Lord Jesus. But he's still working on me.

With sadness for those that I love.

Louise Anthony

Warm welcome for our son was much appreciated

To the editor:

On May 30, my wife and I traveled to Camp Lejeune, N.C. to pick up our son Cpl. Kevin Lowe, who had just returned from Operation Iraqi Freedom. Needless to say we were overjoyed with being united with our son after 41/2 months being in harm's way.

We could not wait to get him home not only to his town of Smithsburg but to the U.S.A. Upon returning to Smithsburg we were greeted with Welcome Home signs starting on Md. 66 off Interstate 70 and continuing to our home in Whispering Hills, where the neighbors of this small community lined the street with red, white and blue balloons.

I would love to personally thank everyone who showed their appreciation in welcoming our son home. To the people of Sherris Way, the residents of Whispering Hills and The Town of Smithsburg, my fellow co-workers, my family and anyone who called to ask to help comfort us through these past hard times, we thank you.

God bless America.

Kevin and Gloria Lowe

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