Mail Call 7/1

July 02, 2003

"Does the city of Hagerstown have a mayor? The reason I am asking is because Frederick has a mayor Doughtery on NBC 25 at least two to three times a week and we never see the mayor of Hagerstown. Maybe he doesn't have anything to say or give to us. It sure would be nice to hear from him once in a while."

"Any parents, grandparents or kids looking for something fun to do this summer. Check out the Maryland Leadership Workshop Web site at It is a summer program that is centered around leadership development and being able to work with diverse groups of people. It is a really fun Web site. You can also contact me at 301-797-1870."

"In response to the beautiful call made by a man going back into his roots in New York. He wrote a beautiful letter of thanks and appreciation for everyone in Hagerstown. He wishes God's blessings upon us, I just want to wish him God's blessings and much happiness because he is evidentally a good person who appreciates good things and good people. It's so refreshing after reading all this stuff about people yelling at each other. Thank you, J.J. God bless you."


"Anyone keeping track, now we are up to 60 American casualties since Bush got on TV and declared the war over. They are fumbling now, they don't know what to do. It is out of control and they just keep throwing more money at it. We haven't found Bush's weapons of mass destruction yet."

"Does anyone else besides me think that the rent for the houses and apartments are ridiculous. I am looking for a place that I can sleep at night and don't have to pay $800 or $900 a month."

"In response to J.J. at Kmart. We are really going to miss you. We wish you happiness and good luck in the future and we love you. This is from your Fran and your friends in Halfway. We are really going to miss you. We enjoyed knowing you. Take care and God bless you."

"I wish someone can tell me how to stop bread from molding. I keep mine in the fridge, is that the wrong thing to do?"

"To the person who is doing the stealing in the North End of Hagerstown. We would appreciate it if you would bring it back. If not, you know the old saying, what comes around, goes around and you will get yours."

"Several years ago I thought it was a great idea that the city fixed the sidewalks so they were handicap accessible. But now, what I see more and more of, the elderly have to walk out in the street to get around them, people park their cars in their driveways and straddle the public sidewalk and nobody seems to do anything about it. "

"Attention Kmart patrons, as you may have read in Mail Call, J.J. will be moving back to New York. I would like to wish him well and let him know that it was a pleasure working with him. I would also like to say my own good-byes to the wonderful customers I have met at Kmart and the patrons who followed me here when Phar-Mor closed. I have accepted a position with Washington County Hospital, effective Monday, July 7. I will miss you all very much. Sincerely, Shawn."

"How about putting a Wendy's where Hardee's used to be on Pennsylvania Avenue?"

"Does anyone have the phone number to call to eliminate telemarketers from calling your home. It was on TV and I missed it."

"Congratulations Amanda, you received your report card and made the honor roll. Now you are going into the seventh grade at Springfield Middle School. Keep up the good work, angel. Have a great summer."

"I was wondering if anyone knows how to report a landlord that doesn't fix things. I live in a complex that has a lot of defects in a lot of apartments and they don't fix them. Who do I report this to?"

"I was wondering if anyone else is having trouble with a local mortgage company releasing land records? Please let me know."

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