Jefferson officials hire firm to write school impact fee law

July 02, 2003|by DAVE McMILLION

CHARLES TOWN, W.Va. - Jefferson County officials have directed a law firm that specializes in impact fees to write a school impact fee law for the county.

The law firm of Freilich, Leitner and Carlisle of Kansas City, Kan., has 30 days to draft an impact fee ordinance for the county, Jefferson County Commission President Jane Tabb said.

The commissioners agreed last week to direct the law firm to write the ordinance, Tabb said.

Impact fees are charged to housing developers to help pay for expanded public services needed because of growth, such as new schools, expanded water and sewer service and other needs.

There has been a push among some in the county to implement impact fees because of expected population increases in the county in coming years.


In counties where impact fees are charged, a fee typically is collected for each house that is built.

Impact fees can be collected to offset costs in services and agencies such as police and fire departments and park systems.

It appears, however, that Jefferson County officials only are interested in considering impact fees for schools, Tabb said.

In their request to the law firm, the commissioners are not suggesting any specific level of fee for schools, Tabb said.

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