Mail Call for 6/30

July 01, 2003

"If all founding fathers would see our Hagerstown now, they would fire everyone in the city and state government, along with their employees. This used to be a beautiful place to live. Things have gotten so bad here, that you can't even walk around in the daytime. Drugs are so ramped, it is like going to a grocery store and getting a quart of milk. AIDS has doubled and tripled in the last year alone because of the influx of outsiders coming into our town. Try walking down (George) Washington Street or (Ben) Franklin Street at night. Good luck! You will never make it. Let's not forget poor Potomac (River) Street, the drugs really flow there. I won't mention North Mulberry and Locust Street. What a joke! Now to our poor landlords, I don't blame them. They can rent to Section 8 people and get $800 or $900 a month rent. I, as a retired person who worked all my life, can't afford this. Thanks to our government, you killed another beautiful city. May you all rest in peace."


"I was wondering if there is any information about a 15-year North High School reunion for this year. It's for the Class of 1988. Is there going to be one?"

"I, too, enjoy the annual Miss Maryland Pageant held in Hagerstown. I also did not know that the activities had already started for the week. I was very disappointed in the Herald-Mail that they didn't have the list of activities where the contestants would be throughout the week, so now we missed the first couple of events of the week. Come on, Herald-Mail. Get it together. The Miss Maryland Pageant is one of the largest events held in Hagerstown every year."

"The shooting episode on Franklin Street is a perfect example why more people should be involved in the We Care Neighborhood Watch Program. I noticed on TV and in the paper, the people interviewed say that more should be done. Now is the time for you people to step forward and become involved in our group. Talk is cheap, action shows that you care about what happens in your neighborhood. Our next meeting is the second Tuesday of July at the VFW. Let's see how many of you appear at this meeting to help clean up the neighborhood."

"I would like to agree with the lady who said that brick crosswalks look nice, but what about our roads that need repaired? I understand that there is no money left in the budget because of snow removal to repair all the potholes. Pennsylvania Avenue is really bad. Is it going to take someone being in a bad accident or simply ruining their car and suing the state and town, to get these roads fixed?"

"I was on a bus the other day and went down through the square and you couldn't even hardly get by because there was a police cruiser parked on the left side. The bus driver had to get one of the construction workers to move one of the cones so she could get by. Why should they be allowed to park where we aren't allowed to park? They are supposed to be setting an example for the citizens of Hagerstown."

"My granddaughter and I went to the Smithsburg Carnival on Wednesday evening to see Billy Joe Royal. If you missed this show, you missed a good one. He is an excellent performer. He was awesome. Way to go Smithsburg Carnival for getting excellent entertainment!"

"I am looking for a classmate of North Hagerstown High School, the year of 1989 with the initials of J.H.B. I have something that I think belongs to you that you may have lost. Leave your number so I can reach you."

"I would like to know what is wrong with the stoplight in Funkstown coming from Frederick Street into Funkstown at the fire hall. It will only stay green long enough for two vehicles to get through. Someone needs to check the light to see what the problem is. A frustrated driver."

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