Mail Call for 6/27

June 28, 2003

"This is a special message to the Halfway Little League's Woodmen team. Hold your heads up high, you are all winners because of the respect and support you gave to each other all season. A special congratulations to our son, Adam, for being the pitcher Sunday against Gibney's by pitching four scoreless innings with the help of your defense. We are very proud of you. You were patient all season and Sunday was your game. Feel good about yourself, you are a winner."

"Why is it that a dairy farmer can't make a living selling his milk, a very necessary product, but a baseball player can make millions of dollars for doing very little?"

"The city inspectors need to take a ride along Security Road. The weeds in the vacant field are now over 3-feet high and nobody seems to care, nor do they mow it. We homeowners must maintain our sidewalks and lawns, why do big corporations not need to do that?"


"On Friday, June 13, my car broke down after being at Wal-Mart. It was pouring down rain and traffic was backed up behind me. I got out and asked the driver of the first two vehicles if they had a cell phone and they didn't. I decided to walk to try to get to a phone. When a man tapped on my window and offered to help. He and two other men pushed my car across all four lanes of the divided highway and up into a lot on the other side. They then jumped my car and got it started. I am very grateful to you guys. The one man insisted on following me home to make sure that I got there safely. I am sorry I didn't get your names, but this is to tell you, thank you very, very much. You guys made my unlucky Friday the 13th into a lucky Friday the 13th because you came to my rescue. By the way, it was the alternator. I'll end this call with the last thing you said to me when I offered you money, 'Just have a nice day!"

"My husband got laid off and had to reopen a Maryland Existing Unemployment claim. He only has a few weeks left. Did Bush pass a bill for an extended 13 weeks and who qualifies for this? Who do I contact to find this out, besides the Maryland Unemployment because they won't say anything."

"In reference to the Mail Call where a landlord was complaining about the $39 per unit then had the nerve to complain that when their tenants move out, they left the apartment a mess. If the landlord would have checked out the people before they rented to them, this wouldn't happen. They have to remember that these houses are terrible."

"For the person who said about the woman with the ice cream cone. They asked if they should have reported the woman for child abuse, No."

"I don't think that fireworks should be banned in Maryland. I think people just need to be more safer. It's not our problem if their not."

"My name is David, I live in the West End of Hagerstown. I am a 16-year-old looking for a job. I can't seem to find one anywhere. If anyone knows where I can find one, call me at 301-992-7781."

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