Mail Call for 6/25

June 26, 2003

"How come President Bush needs to raise so much money, so he can secure his win in the next election? Can't he just steal the next election, like he did the last one?"

"To the city of Hagerstown: You want $39 per unit to inspect properties to see if they are fit to rent to other people. Are you going to check these properties out when they move out and see how they are beat up or to collect our money because they moved out early? It is sad to think that our city is so poor that these officials have to make up a meeting to sit there and decide how they can collect money for their town to get out of debt. It is a sad thing."

"For anyone wanting to know where they can donate new or used air conditioners in working condition, or fans. REACH Caregivers would like to have your donation. You can reach us at 301-733-2371. These air conditioners go to people on waiting lists with conditions such as asthma, lung conditions, heart conditions, any kind of illness that worsens in the summer heat. Please call us if you have any you would like to donate."


"I called and said that I found a pair of glasses last week. Today I read in the paper where a man in Boonsboro who said he would like for me to put it in the paper again. They were lost on Md. 68 near Pinesburg. If you would like to call me, my number is 301-223-7528."

"I live in Elizabeth Court. I would like to say that the picnic was very delicious."

"In reference to the Thumbs Down that the U.S. Congress was given in last Saturday's paper for wanting to pass a prescription drug plan. If you have heard the news, President Bush is pushing, pushing, pushing Congress to hurry up and pass that plan. He wants it to pass for election year. So make sure this Saturday that you give Bush a Thumbs Down."

"To the person who is tired of reading complaints about Bush. That is my right as an American citizen to complain about a president that we didn't elect. If you don't like my complaining about it, then why don't you move to Iraq, where nobody is allowed to comment on anything."

"Local community, I know it is always divided by pro-abortion or pro-life, which I don't have an opinion either way. But I think the complete community should be outraged at this woman who left her fetus die and is only facing 10 years. The justice system definitely stinks. The entire community should be outraged at this very light sentence, 10 years or less."

"About the lady who wrote the Mail Call on Eastern Elementary. I do have my facts straight. Her son went to Funkstown Elementary when he was supposed to go to Eastern Elementary. He is no longer in elementary school, but when he did go, he went to Funkstown. Now my question, still remains, why didn't he go to Eastern to be taught by all the talented teachers that his mother always wrote about? Is it fair that she was able to pull her son from Eastern Elementary? Why was this able to be done in the first place?"

"To the residents of the first block of West Side Avenue: About these cats, there are about four of them, that prowl around day and night. For us folks who don't have pets, would like for you to keep your own cats in your own yard. We don't like cleaning up after pets that we don't even have and the odor is terrible. I think the SPCA would like to be involved in this too."

"I was wondering if our city has the money to put into brick sidewalks. Don't get me wrong, they look nice. But we have a lot of roads that need fixing. We have other things in the area that need to be fixed up, too. I think it would be best to put the crosswalks back in the way they were."

"There has been more accidents in Washington County due to cars, more than fireworks. So why don't you complain about a ban for cars, instead of fireworks?"

"I saw a young mother come out of an ice cream shop with an ice cream cone. First, she gave a bite to her dog, then she gave a bite to her baby, before she ate any. Should I have reported her for child abuse? As for the dogs at the City Park, I think we should make the dog owners pay 50 percent more in taxes, if they want their dogs to walk in areas that are designed for people to walk in."

"This is an answer to the person who was looking for a listing of the different streets and number of different Zip codes in the area. Try the Election Board, they have a street directory of all the streets and roads in Washington County."

"Is Tiger Woods in a slump or is he just showing he's human like everybody else?"

"I recently lost a light blue leather coach wallet. If you found it, there will be a reward. My number is 301-791-6098."

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