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June 22, 2003

20% in survey lied for time off

One in five adults admit they have planned to call in sick to extend their weekend into three days, according to a survey by Orbitz, the airline-owned travel company based in Chicago.

Young adults 18 to 34 are more likely than older colleagues to call in sick when they're really not, with 32 percent in that group doing so.

At other times, work can be the excuse for avoiding a trip.

Twelve percent said they have fibbed to their friends or family using a work-related excuse to avoid visiting.

Again, younger people were more prone to lie - 22 percent of respondents ages 18-34 say they've done so, while only 7 percent of those 55 and older say they have.

The survey involved 1,024 randomly selected adults last month.

Sleep quality is factor in your work

Do you leave bed exhausted? Is work a daily battleground where you fight to stay awake?


Your sleep quality may be horrendous, and that can exact a toll on workplace performance.

The Better Sleep Council hopes Americans will do a little research about their sleep environments and make some changes for the better.

Is your bedroom too hot or too chilly? Ideally, the room is 60-65 degrees.

Was your bed last replaced during the Carter administration? Chances are, a new mattress and box spring are in order.

A nightly routine - including an early "winding down" of all that stress accumulated at work - also contributes to quality rest.

Weather Works heater recalled

Weather Works Inc. is recalling 2,400 Weather Works Ventilaire Electric Heaters.

The electric heater can overheat internal plastic components and damage the wiring, posing a fire and electrocution hazard.

The heater is beige, constructed of a plastic housing and has the "Weather Works" logo printed on the front side of the fan.

On the base of the unit is a sticker reading, "Model No. CH-601, AC 120V - 60Hz, 1500 Watts, Made in China, 4H39."

Consumers should contact Weather Works at 1-888-269-9247 for a full refund plus cost of postage.

Firm recalling faulty night lights

Trisonic/Eastern America Trio Products is recalling 12,000 Trisonic Nightlights.

The night lights pose a serious electrocution, electric shock, burn and fire hazard. Trisonic has received a report of a night light exploding, resulting in laceration injuries.

The recalled night lights have a yellow exterior shaped like a smiley face. A label on the back reads, "Trisonic, 4W/120Vcustom made in China for Trisonic, Queens, NY, TS-45431."

Consumers should contact Trisonic at 1-800-434-8155 for a full refund plus the cost of postage.

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