Mail Call for 6/20

June 21, 2003

"The city of Hagerstown said that their budget was so low that they were going to save money by combining the water and sewer and they lowered the tax rate also. But now they hired an assistant manager for the water and sewer department. I don't see where this is saving money."

"I would like to know the exact source of the money that it is costing the county commissioners in Washington County to proceed with the litigation against the city on the annexation sewer issue. If anyone knows who those people are that are paying for those litigations, I would like to know."

"Why is it that the government went after Martha Stewart so fast, yet Ken Lay disappeared from all news reports and is living a life of luxury somewhere. Could it be that Kenny boy has some friends in the White House? Of course not, only Martha had special contacts."


"How many times do we have to see the June Student of the Month advertisement in The Herald-Mail? How much did this cost for the Washington County Public Schools and where does this money come from? They use our tax dollars to promote their own PR to make them look good."

Editor's note - The Herald- Mail is running the ad as a free public service to Washington County Public Schools.)

"Since many of the homeless are out of jobs, perhaps the best place to establish an activity center for them is at the Unemployment Office."

"I am calling about the speeders coming down Summit Avenue from Wilson Boulevard and not putting on their brakes for the kids. I wish they would start driving with some sense instead of like a bunch of maniacs."

"I get so aggravated and upset when I buy a product. If you want information, you are supposed to call an 800 number. Well you don't get a real person, you get a recording and they tell you to go on their Web site. Well I don't use a computer, everyone thinks that everyone has a computer."

"I appreciate the Fairgrounds Park and I love to recall memories of the Fairchild Aircraft picnics and the stadium there. I think the Blues Fest should be held there, then they wouldn't have to worry about the downtown riff raff."

"I was wondering if someone could answer a question for me? People are cutting grass and blowing it out into the streets, not small amounts, large amounts. I just rode out Pennsylvania Avenue in front of North High, that looks terrible. I just don't understand, there are a lot of people that do this. Why doesn't the law do anything about this?"

"I saw in the paper where they are going to have a dress code for the schools. I think this is just great and everything I read sounds good. My daughter said, that it won't work, she said some will come with what they want to wear."

"About these tax cuts. The Federal Government giveth and the state and local government taketh away."

"A message to the boaters and skiers on the Potomac around the Fish and Game Club on June 15. The river was up seven feet. The Department of Natural Resources had an advisory not to use the river for recreational purposes. I observed several boaters, children included, with no life jackets. Please don't risk other people's lives to rescue people who don't obey the law. They should be fined."

"Once again Charley Reese hit it right on the head with his column. The reason the things in the Middle East are the way they are is because of Israel. The reason what happened on Sept. 11 is because of Israel and the position that the United States is in, the reason everyone in Middle East hates us is because of Israel."

"Does anyone know how long the Indian Springs Campground has been closed and what happened to the couple who ran it? My name is Kathy, they were friends of mine and I have been wondering about them."

"This is an invitation to the Washington County Sheriff's Department. Please return with radar on Falling Waters Road, it seems since it has been re-blacktopped, they think it is the Indy 500. We need to have some police patrol. The speed limit is 30 mph, not 50 mph. The best time to catch them is from 6 to 7:30 a.m. and from 4:30 to 6 p.m."

"I am calling about a dog, he has a leather leash on, medium size, black and white with wavy hair. He won't let us catch him. We have a lot of acres of land and he is in the wooded area. He has been here now for about two weeks. If this is your dog, call me at 301-824-3087. Thank you."

"How do you go about buying those memorial bricks for in the Fairground? I would like to buy one."

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