Mail Call for 6/18

June 19, 2003

"By Christmas, the president plans to raise $200 million for his primary campaign. A primary campaign in which he will have nobody running against him in the Republican Party. Why does the president need $200 million, a record, to run in a primary against nobody? Who is buying access to the president for $200 million?"

"I am so happy I went to see the Mickey Rooney show at The Maryland Theatre on June 14. It's a shame that the people weren't more aware of the shows coming to The Maryland Theatre. I found out just days before. Mickey was so disappointed. He was great for his age in performing. I hope in the future that there is more advertisement of a show coming to the theatre. As for Mickey, he is an icon, he has only worked for 80 years. God bless him. P.S. I was not fond of the picture in the paper because he looked better than that."


"This is the lady who called in about Mt. Lena being overrun by groundhogs. I don't get The Daily Mail. I didn't know there were any numbers in there until a friend of mine told me she saw it in there, but she didn't have any numbers. I would like to have the numbers of the people who have called in and said they would come to your house and shoot the groundhogs. Thank you."

- Mt. Lena

"I feel that we are sending the wrong message to our future generation with our car commercial. The one commercial has a young man screaming his lungs out, weaving from one lane to another at a high speed, doing cartwheels on the road. There are other ones where there are cars going at high speeds on mountain roads. Even the one with the little boy saying 'zoom, zoom.' It's sending the wrong message to our younger drivers."

"Can anyone tell me how to get the white chalking off of brick that runs down from pavement surfaces?"

"Was George Bush elected president of the United States or of the world? Think about it."

"I want to know if anyone has a recipe for the cooked onion hot dog relish. It's like a dressing, they sell up in New York on the hot dog vendors and they used to have it in Martinsburg years ago."

"In response to the School Board-created Eastern Elementary School problem. I find it interesting that the writer knows the majority of the teachers at Eastern Elementary are extremely dedicated and talented professionals. She lives in a development that is districted into Eastern Elementary, however, she has her son going to Funkstown. Please tell me how she knows about all of these talented teachers and better yet, why didn't she want her child taught by this talented group. Maybe she needs to write another letter, she seems to have left part of her story out."

"So our great leader George Bush flew in, I mean rode in on a jet, to tell us that the war is over. Victory for all, oops, now we have lost 40 soldiers since he declared that war to be over. No weapons of mass destruction have been found, not one. Now we are being attacked and ambushed and our soldiers are like sitting ducks. We shouldn't have sent all our soldiers over there to invade a country. This is crazy, not well thought out and a cover up."

"Back in March, there were about six or seven police cars in the afternoon on Fairground Avenue. They had the entire street blocked off and they entered a home. After that, there was never anything in the paper about it. What happened? I am a concerned neighbor because I live on this street. I think we have a right to know what happened."

"Bush may be out on a future campaign funding, but there is one thing he can't buy with those funds and that is my vote."

"I agree with Harry's letter in Monday's paper, he wrote a very nice letter. I couldn't believe the Mail Caller in Monday's paper about putting the homeless in D.C. Where is the compassion, if the shoe was on the other foot, you never know what could happen. That is awful to not be compassionate toward another human being. Especially in today's economy. You never know what is going to happen to you in your life. We never know what is going to happen. One day you could be a millionaire and the next day you could be out on the street."

"I want to say how nice that they're putting memorial bricks at the Hagerstown Fairgrounds. I haven't seen them yet, I had bought one for the memory of my mom and dad, because they loved the fairgrounds when they used to have the fairs there."

"I thought that fireworks were illegal in the state of Maryland? Yet I see displays in the grocery stores. That is the last place I would expect to see fireworks for sale. Can someone explain why they are selling them there?"

"With reference to the dogs walking in the City Park and the Fairgrounds, if my memory serves me right, Councilwoman Penny Nigh, over a year ago, tried to get this enacted through the city council, which if my memory serves me right, the vote was 4-1. So it seems to me that Mr. Aleshire, all of a sudden is taking credit for something that he really didn't want to have any part in."

"In response to the person who asked about a cat on a welcome mat. I sell mats, garden flags, the art flags, mouse pads. Give me a call at 301-739-0528 and I do sell welcome mats with cats and a lot of other designs."

"I am interested in this widow's club. I was wondering if there is an age limit. I am 57 years old and I would like to find out some more information. Leave your number, so I can contact you."

"There is something seriously wrong when the city of Hagers-town is involved in spending taxpayer money for the Arts and Entertainment District. We are doing all this big stuff about tearing down buildings and putting up buildings, but yet on the most fundamental level, we could only provide 130 people for a Mickey Rooney show. We had Mickey Rooney in Hagers-town and virtually nobody showed up. Where was the advertisement for this? Where was the push for this? Where was the city, going out and welcoming this kind of act to Hagerstown?"

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