Blast from the past - 6/15

June 18, 2003

Week of June 15, 1953

Since last September, Washington County's school bus drivers traversed 720,000 miles over county roads without a single injury resulting from their driving, a record to be proud of.

Doubt if you will, but surveys show that Washington County, in spite of its broad fields of grain and pasture and thousands of acres in fruit production, is still 35 percent in forest.

Week of June 15, 1978

The Rohrersville School closed its doors Wednesday behind the last of 62 classes that have played under its maple trees and studied in its six rooms.


With its passing, Washington County is left with only a handful of small country schools that once were the center of numerous communities.

Much has been published about Jonathan Hager, the man who founded Hagerstown. But it had been hard to find published material about the woman for whom he named it Elizabeth Town, his wife.

The neglect of Mrs. Hager has terminated with the publication of volume two of "The Kershner Families of Maryland, 1731-1977" by Ruth Bownds Kershner. The book sheds quite a bit of light on the family of Elizabeth Kershner Hager.

Along the Downsville Pike at the Southern Cross Parachute Center, George Kabeller and his staff train novice skydivers to take a plunge through the air, some 2,500 feet up, and ride parachutes safely down to earth.

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