Fathers spend day with family

June 16, 2003|by PEPPER BALLARD

Some might think that if dads had their way on Father's Day, they'd spend it living the high life, but some area dads debunk that theory, saying a day with the family beats just about anything.

Robert Cobb, 42, of Hagerstown, topped off his Father's Day at Hagerstown City Park sitting at a picnic table with his wife and two of his three children, two pizzas and an order of hot wings.

He said his ideal Father's Day would be "spending quality, precious time with the ones you love."

Cobb went biking earlier Sunday on the Western Maryland Rail Trail.

For James Clark, 34, of Hagerstown, Father's Day was filled with little recreation. He worked Sunday morning and then wanted to play golf, but the grounds were too wet.


He went out to eat with his wife at Garfield's Restaurant and Pub.

The perfect day for the father of five: "Breakfast in bed at about 10, sleeping in until 10 and then getting up and doing nothing."

Clark added that relaxing by the pool or playing golf also could be included within his utopia.

Bill Brooks of Chambersburg, Pa., who was taking a walk in Memorial Park with his wife, Donna, said his ideal day also would be free of obligations.

"Just be able to sit around and go to the park," he said.

"That's not what you told me in church," Donna Brooks said. "You told me you wanted to go golfing by yourself and come home and shine up your motorcycle.

"I knew he wouldn't because he'd want to be with the kids," Donna Brooks said.

Bill Brooks, who is the Hagerstown Suns' mascot, Woolie B, noted he would be just as happy playing a little baseball with the kids. After church, he was given the opportunity to pick a restaurant for lunch and chose one that is not his favorite, knowing his family would enjoy it more.

Out of her husband's earshot, Donna Brooks added that their children, ages 16, 13 and 12, were home preparing a cake for their dad.

The couple met up with their neighbors, Martin and Louisa Bair of Chambersburg, who also were enjoying an evening stroll.

"Wasn't today the perfect Father's Day?" Louisa Bair asked her husband.

"We were just remarking how nice the weather is," Martin Bair said.

Martin Bair said it was enough for him to have a good family and "be able to live in a land of freedom." The couple has a grown son, Mark.

The Bairs and Brookses chatted about their friendship and another shared coincidence: The Bairs' grandson and one of the Brooks' sons were born the same day and both are named Tim.

Gary Doub, 57, of Hagerstown, said he had the perfect Father's Day, spending it eating at Outback Steakhouse with his family, a sampling of his three children and five grandchildren.

Roger Wright, 53, of Hagerstown, a father of two, said ideally he'd like to have good health on Father's Day.

Paul Dhillon, 32, of Waynesboro, Pa., who has one child and another due in two weeks, said his perfect Father's Day would be pretty corny.

He said since the typical role of the father is to protect and provide for his children, he can't help but step into that role on his day.

"To me knowing that my family is safe and happy is the best present I could have," he said.

Staff writer Don Aines contributed to this story.

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