Mail Call for 6/13

June 14, 2003

"I want the Board of Education to address this issue: why a high school teacher can take two buses to Kings Dominion without any chaperones? Where is the supervision here?"

"To the person interested in starting a widow's club, where women can get together. There is one called Judean Society. It's for widows and widowers and is usually associated with a church. So perhaps the Council of Churches could tell you if there are any of these groups in the area."

"I read in the paper and also got a notice in the mail about the cable going up. Let me tell you, it wouldn't be so bad, but I have seen 'The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly' with Clint Eastwood 12 times last month. Twelve times it was on. What are we paying for re-runs, re-runs and re-runs?"

"I read in Mail Call about the people at Garden State Tanning complaining, complaining, complaining. You are working, you are working, you are working. I will trade jobs with you any day, bud. Just let me know, leave your number, I will call you up to switch. I have been at my job for 32 years, then a new company came in to help save money. Everyone has to start from scratch. They take everything, I have to start all over like I am a new employee and you think you guys are getting treated poorly. I will trade you any day."


"I would like to tell my daughter, Jessica, that I am very proud of her for doing a wonderful job in school. She is graduating this year. Keep up the good work and continue with your future."

"In Tuesday's Mail Call, it says 'I don't know how they can go forward with their plans to move the hospital out of the city, with little or no support from the community.' I have personally talked to many people, in fact, probably about 100 people and 90 percent of them said that it's the greatest idea to move it out of downtown to get it away from the old buildings and put it somewhere to start all over again and make it a nice place for us. Also about the people complaining about putting a truck terminal on Mason Dixon Road. I think this is a great idea, this is moving the community forward and increasing your tax base."

"To all the single mothers complaining about not getting the check in July, do you get the Earned Income Credit, do you file 'Head of Household?' If you do and those single mothers making under $27,000, you already received more back on your taxes than you paid in, which in itself is a whole other issue. Get over it. I support my children, why should I support yours, too?"

"For the tannery workers, welcome to the world of economy. Your jobs can be sent out of the country and you aren't worth anything to a company, you are a number and they will treat you that way. Get used to it and realize that things aren't always handed to you."

"I was wondering if anyone knows how much a substitute teacher makes. I was in a school the other day and I was in the office and I heard the staff in the front office and heard the staff complaining about not having enough substitute teachers in the county to cover all the classrooms and I was wondering why that was? Is it because of the amount of pay they get or what?"

"It seems like there is nothing said about Sharpsburg in the paper, but now I read one regarding Mountainview Cemetery. From the people who do the mowing. We would like to thank the people who does the mowing, we would like to thank the person or persons who did the weeding around the tombstones. It really looks nice and we really appreciated it."

"I think it's time for Mr. Metzner to resign. Why would you want to build a homeless shelter anywhere else but downtown? The problem with the police chief in Hagerstown is that the police have completely failed against the drug war and they just don't want the homeless shelter downtown. The homeless people are not the drug abusers. They really don't bother anyone and I go to the library three or four times a week and I haven't found them bothering me any. They want to sit there out of the cold, I don't blame them."

"Tuesday, I had my mother at the emergency room. While I was waiting, I overheard two female employees. One was saying to the other, 'I am really sick of sick people.' If you are really sick of sick people, then you need to change your profession and do all those sick people a favor."

"Many many thanks to Mr. David Loy, our music teacher who got us through our very first recital. All the piano and vocal students were great and we appreciate all that we have done for us. You are a very and wonderful patient teacher. Looking forward to our next recital. Thanks."

"I watched the council at City Hall and I was curious in the comments when Mrs. Nigh stated that pit bulls have bitten at least five people and when she passed around the pictures to the other four council members, they just glanced at the pictures as if they didn't care. Is anything going to be done?"

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