Letters to the editor - 6/14/03

June 14, 2003

Where were you?

To the editor:

Today (May 25) the American Legion Post Morris Frock 42 held a service honoring all our veterans at the courthouse at 2 p.m. Pray tell where were all you citizens of Hagerstown and Washington County?

The mayor of Hagerstown, William Breichner and Del. Robert McKee attended the ceremony, but where were our elected officials?

It was a total disgrace, a blight on Hagerstown and Washington County.

Where are the young people, middle age citizens, veterans and senior citizens?

I'll guarantee if this had been a sporting event or an event not amounting to a hill of beans, the elected officials and citizens would have turned out in droves.

Let me state that if our veterans didn't do any more in service than our citizens do to honor them, this country would be extinct.


Shame on you, Hagerstown and Washington County.

Oh yes, when events occur such as Sept. 11, oh my, all rally and fly flags and ribbons, but what does this really accomplish?

Support our veterans and current troops in whatever ceremony the Legion or any organization sponsors.

People, you missed a great experience on Sunday, May 25.

Bill Lillary summed it up in asking why the young people and others couldn't support one weekend (one hour or less) a year to honor those who served and some who gave the ultimate sacrifice, their lives.

Rosa Lee Meyers


A good home

To the editor:

I would like to write and tell the positive and delightful side of one nursing home which I had the pleasure of getting to know and work with from March 17 until May 28, here in Hagerstown.

Too often we hear of horror stories and bad things that happen in them. Well, on March 17 my sister Mildred was a resident in Avalon Nursing Home on Marsh Pike. She had an unexpected accident and after a 10-day stay at Washington County Hospital she had to be admitted to a nursing home. It turned out to be Avalon.

Of course, knowing the rap nursing homes get, she was very uneasy about a nursing home stay. Well, Avalon turned out to be a wonderful and caring place. We would like to thank everyone who gave their support, love and care while she was there.

We would like to thank all the nurses, nursing assistants, physical therapy, food service and the housekeepers who every day contributed to her safe-keeping and caring that enabled her speedy recovery and led to her coming home.

We just wanted to say "thank you" for all that you did. Thanks also to the social workers and office staff. They were great with us as family members and always treated us with kindness and were always willing to help.

So, keep up the great work, Avalon. You all were great and Fountain Head hall staff, we will miss you all.

Thank you all. We did appreciate all you that you did.

Patty Barnhart

Mildred Day


Sponsors aid volleyball league

To the editor:

I would like to take the opportunity to thank local business sponsors for their contribution to Washington County Juniors Volleyball League.

This all-girls club volleyball league has been in existence since 1994. With the increased interest in girls' volleyball, we have actively sought business sponsors to contribute to this non-profit league to assist in keeping the club fee as minimal as possible for the past two years.

In addition, we have fund-raisers to help the girls with the club fees, in which profits go directly back to the players. Thanks to our local business sponsors and our first bonanza held in January 2003, the league fielded two additional teams this season to accommodate as many players as possible. The teams consist of Washington County and Pennsylvania-area players, who try out in November each year for a place on a traveling team.

Teams this year included one 18-and-under, three 16-and-under, two 14-and-under and one 12-and-under.

I would like to thank the following for their generosity; High Performance Cabling Inc., Valley Storage, Greenlawn Cemetery, Brewer's Saab, Tri-State Controls, Garden State Tanning, The Red Men of Williamsport, Kuczynski & Kuczynski P.A., Dr. Jeffrey Rubino, Dr. Timothy Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Weaver, Mr. and Mrs. Todd Bowman and Mrs. Mary Brown.

Please give patronage to area businesses which give generously to youth athletes in Washington County.

For information on fees, clinics and try-outs in November 2003, please visit our Web site at or call league president Tim Cave at 1-717-597-7268.

If you wish to see the talent in girls' volleyball in Washington County, please attend any high school volleyball event during the fall 2003.

Courtney Plume

Washington County Juniors Volleyball

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