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June 13, 2003

Stuffed Fish

  • Newspaper

  • Paper bags

  • Markers or crayons

  • Scrap paper and glue (optional)

Unfold the paper bag into one large sheet. Fold it in half and draw the shape of a fish. Cut out the folded paper. Draw a fish eye, gill, mouth and fin on each side. Color the fish with bright colors and patterns. Add scrap paper with glue for more decorations. Staple the two fish together on the outside edge and leave an opening. Stuff the fish with newspaper and staple it shut. Make all kinds of fish in different sizes and hang them from a ceiling for a cool aquarium effect.


  • Plastic soda bottles

  • Craft knife

  • Soil

  • Small plants

Cut the top off of a two-liter soda bottle. Remove the sticker from the side. Use the craft knife and hot water to remove the bottom of the bottle. Fill the bottom with soil and small plants. Don't forget to water. Flip the soda bottle upside down so the dome part faces up and place it in the bottom. Use the terrarium to store and study interesting insects that kids find outside.


Parental supervision necessary.

- Source: Priscilla Howard, art teacher at Clear Spring Elementary School.

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