Mail Call for 6/12

June 13, 2003

"To the Presbyterian Church that wants to relocate. Why are you thinking about leaving such a beautiful church? The $1.2 million you're going to get, why don't you use that to build homeless shelters for people or feed the poor? Right in your own town. God doesn't need a new church, you can worship in your own home. Pray for those people, go out and speak with them, that's your duty as a Christian. Go into the world and help others. Most people know about God, but do you know God?"

"I live on Independence Road and I would like to say thanks to the two men who cut down the tall grass at the end of Independence onto Rockdale. It was hard to see there and now it's great. I also want to say how much I love to read Mail Call."

""I would like to thank a very special lady, her name is Vanessa. She and her family are so kind and thoughtful. They sure make this world a better place to live in. The world would be a better place if more people were like you. Thanks again Vanessa, for everything. Keep up the good work, Mail Call."


- Williamsport

"I am calling because I am concerned about the truck terminal that is going on Mason Dixon Road. I live in Maugansville and we already breathe the air from Interstate 81 traffic and there is a truck stop slated to go on Showalter Road and now this truck terminal, which is outside the business zoning, has been granted an exception to the zoning for a big operation. The air is not going to be fit to breathe here in Maugansville. I don't understand why nobody knows anything about this."

"The librarian at Clear Spring Middle School has been cut. Next school year, the present high school librarian will be responsible for both schools. I am concerned because I have a child in middle school and in high school. Those librarians are the best in helping the children get the materials they need, they are busy full time. They even work extra hours. The high school librarian even takes care of the computers when they are down and seldom ever has to call for a technician from the board to come out. I would like to know how she can do justice to the students at either school when she is going to be responsible for both schools?"

"I was wondering if anyone had information on grandparents rights or father's rights and if there is any organization in the Hagerstown area for that?"

"I just read in Mail Call about the person drinking a Diet Pepsi on ice and it goes all over them. Well, get yourself a sippy cup and a bib and that may help you."

"In response to the person who called in about the tax cuts. This is a Democrat who wants tax cuts. I want property tax cuts in Washington County. I don't want Republican Commissioners to keep raising the property taxes."

"Does anyone know where I can find a welcome mat that has cats on them?"

"What is wrong with the people? I read in Saturday's editorial that this life serving inmate said that he didn't have freedom of speech and that the white staff was holding him down. Please! When are people going to wake up? This is a man that was incarcerated and has no rights. He is a convicted criminal. And what is the deal with the white people thing? Pooolease."

"I am interested in getting with the widow's club. Leave your name and number in Mail Call and I will give you a call. I am a widow."

"To the person who is having trouble drinking the Diet Pepsi. I think you have something else mixed in your Diet Pepsi. I think you should drink Diet Coke and drink with a straw."

"My name is Janet, my number is 301-745-6443 and I am interested in talking to the person about the widow's group, since I have previously started one in two other states and through that, I would like to see what her ideas are on it."

"Is there any way a small shopping center owner, can be made to mow the ground behind his buildings? The homeowners association has talked to the county inspectors and they have notified the owner several times and he has totally ignored them. It is a terrible eyesore with the weeds being real tall."

"To the lady who would like to start a widow's club. I am interested, but how can I get in touch with you?"

"I want to thank Donald Call and Charley Reese for their columns that they printed last week on George Bush, pointing out the fact that he is a liar."

"To the person calling about the problem with drinking diet Pepsi. Simple solution, drink Coke."

"To the person who said that they don't know how they can go forward with their plan to move out of the city. Well, here is how, it is what ever the doctors want and the lord and master at the hospital wants. Whatever they want that counts, not the community. They want it out there, it's going to go out there. Doesn't matter what the city says or does. That is what they want."

"To the person who asked where a Checkers is located because they keep seeing it advertised on TV. I drove past one in Glen Burnie, which is in Anne Arundel County. Now there may be other Checkers over in that area, but I don't know if there are any in this area."

"If any businesses or any person has any shredded paper that they would like to get rid of, but don't know what to do with it. Call the dairy farms, they use it as bedding for the cattle."

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