Mail Call for 6/9

June 10, 2003

Editor's note - Please be as brief as possible when calling Mail Call, The Daily Mail's reader call-in line.

Mail Call is not staffed on weekends or holidays so it is best to call Mail Call during the week. The Mail Call number is 301-791-6236.

You are welcome to leave a recorded message on any subject, but some calls will be screened out.

Here are some of the calls we have received lately:

"In response to the person with the Raleigh coupons. They are no longer accepting those coupons. They stopped that quite a few years ago, so I guess you are stuck with them."

"I didn't know Bill Gates only made $27,000 per year."

. Tell your senators, congressman and federal workers to send it back also. My wife and I are retired, we have paid taxes for 50 years and are still paying. We are appreciative of anything sent back to us as taxpayers."

"This is a Democrat who is going to vote Republican in the next election. We must give thanks that we have a president that gives us our tax money back instead of letting the government spend it on programs for the people who don't work. It's about time that this country has a president that is really for the working man, not for the unworking man."


"I think it's sad that the Board of Education has to keep increasing the fees for our children to play sports. It's the students who play sports that are earning the good grades and making good marks for the school. Why can't they take the money from other people on the School Board, like Dr. Morgan, who is higher paid. I think it's pathetic."

"I read about the senior citizen animal rescuer in Mail Call on the fourth. I called for more information. I think it's wonderful that people pull together to help the animals and the elderly people. When I talked to one of the volunteers today, she sounded so dedicated and sincere. She told me the whole story about Mary and her cats. Not only should the senior citizen be commended for her efforts and compassion, but all the volunteers should be commended."

"I have been reading about the Democrats and everyone yelling about only the rich people getting the refunds. My question is, has anyone else looked to see the difference between what the rich people pay in income taxes and what the people who earn under $27,000 a year pay? I don't make over $27,000 a year, but I don't pay as much taxes as what Bill Gates or anyone like that would pay."

"I am calling in reference to the Smithsburg Lions Club Little League team. As of June 4, they have 11 games played and 11 wins. I think they need to be congratulated."

"About the truck stop near Maugansville, yeah, 170-acre farm, rezoned from agricultural to commercial. This is the talk of the town. I think it's a fact, but I hope it's not the truth."

"To the people who think that Bush's tax rebate is unfair, who do you think paid the majority of the taxes in the first place? Not people with incomes under $27,000. This isn't a giveaway."

"Too many Americans seem to forget what happened to us on Sept. 11, when all the planes crashed here in the United States. When we are worrying whether we found the weapons of mass destruction or not, who cares, look at what they were doing. They would do anything to harm our country, or they would have, they can't do it now. But the only answer to this is keep going with these other countries until they get their act straightened out or we do the same thing we did in Iraq. What about the graves we found with the tens of thousands of people in, what about all the facts we have about the torture chambers? So, let's not give up on the terrorists. Remember people when you say Bush is lying and pulling the wool over our eyes, he is here to fight for our country, not to hurt it. So we all better support him and YES, I am a Democrat."

"Where in the world is Checker's located? I keep seeing it advertised on TV, but they never say where they are at."

"In response to the person who called in about the elementary school students at City Park. They deserve to go to the park, it is their field trip. I am sure that you went on a field trip when you were a child and in school. I am 59 years old and I still remember going to City Park also as a child in elementary school. Just remember that your child will be going to a field trip at City Park, grow up."

"Has this happened to anyone else? I'm drinking a Diet Pepsi on ice and when I go to take a sip, there's an ice shift in my glass and the Diet Pepsi spurts out of my glass onto my face and runs down my neck and gets my shirt all wet. It happens to me regularly and I don't know if it's the ice or the the glass I'm using. Does anyone else have this problem and what can I do about it? It really bugs me."

"Can anyone tell me the names of some homemakers clubs and who to contact to join, especially in the Halfway area or anywhere in the local area."

"I am interested in starting a widow's club, where the women can get together. I wish you would call Mail Call if you are interested."

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