Mail Call for 6/10

June 10, 2003

"If the people who live on Mason Dixon Road think they are pumping runoff water now, just wait until they have the truck terminal on that 172 acres of that beautiful agricultural land."

"I don't see how they can possibly go forward with their plan on moving the hospital out of the city with little or no support from the community."

"Regarding people's comments about Garden State Tanning. You go work for a company 10 to 12 hours a day, seven days a week, give them 20 years or more, just to have your pension froze, you get poor insurance and then they tell you that your seniority doesn't mean squat. Oh, by the way, don't forget being threatened every other day that your job is going to Mexico. Then you can come over and have my job, $20 an hour, you better dream on!"

"I am calling back about the person complaining about Garden State being on strike. Well that person obviously doesn't know what it's like to have a job for 26 years and have their pension taken away, their wages and their health care. The possible solution of working for $20 an hour, we don't make $20 an hour, we are way below that."


"A response to the people at Garden State Tanning making $20 an hour. I don't know where you got that from, but we don't make $20 an hour, we have no health benefits and 26 years of service and I have nothing left. They took everything."

"In response to the Mail Call about Mountainview Cemetery. To the person who said about riding by, I do ride by and when I do, I usually stop and mow my family's grave and I have been for years. Not only my family's grave, but a lot of other ones, too. This is one of the most unkept cemeteries I have seen. Those graves are not given away free to people, they have to pay for them and I think they should be kept up better than they are."

"It won't be long before we find the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. These are the same weapons we sold to Iraq in the '80s. Those weapons will be found, right after the Bush people plant them, just to justify the war."

"In reference to the people about the strike at the tannery. Well, the people on strike at the tannery want to let you know that it's not about getting the money. It's about having our own insurance that we get to choose and not having it chosen for us and actually being able to retire and have something to fall back on instead of having our pension frozen."

"My neighbor works for Garden State Tannery for over 15 years and within the past year, he has had his wages cut by $10 an hour. He is only making $13 an hour after all those years of doing good work for the tannery. They have also cut back on their health care provisions."

"There once was a school called Eastern Elementary, it was a great place to be, it had great students, and excellent and dedicated staff. Along came restructuring, apparently Character Counts! was only for the students because the staff was treated terribly. Elected board members should visit and ask them how they have been treated. Assure them that they can talk and should not fear punishment if they talk. This story has a happy ending. The test scores went up at Eastern. Great job, students and staff."

"My son lost his cell phone, it's a Sony Ericsson. If you find it call 301-733-9664, its like silver in color."

"Don't blame me, I didn't vote for Bush!"

"How can I stop the junk mail? The other day I received about four pieces of junk mail."

"To the man on Wednesday morning in front of Giant Eagle who was driving a red van, you helped a teenager in a black truck. You have his cell phone. We are unable to get in touch with you. Call us, so we can arrange to get the phone back. The number is 301-739-3271. Thank you."

"When you work for a company like the tannery for 20 some years and make them what they are today, you don't expect them to show you their appreciation by moving your job to Mexico, or by cutting your wages by $4 or $5 an hour, or force you to take an HMO health plan or by freezing your pension plan. Who are we trying to kid here? Where is the loyalty for our country and our people, in Mexico? I don't think so!"

"Everyone that has a kid will get the tax credit. Whether you paid taxes or not, you are going to get $400 per kid."

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