Susan Wolcott's Y2Knit shop to offer yarns and workshops

June 10, 2003|by MARLO BARNHART

FUNKSTOWN - After years of traveling overseas, nursing and working in management and marketing, Susan Wolcott is determined now to live her dream - and opening a yarn shop in this quiet community is part of that.

"I suddenly realized there was nothing holding me to Northern Virginia so I quit my corporate job and started looking around for the right spot for a shop," Wolcott said from her still-emerging location at 100 E. Baltimore St.

The grand opening of Y2Knit is set for July 3-6. Wolcott promises all kinds of yarn, workshops and most of all, inspiration in this ancient art.


Last November she drove through Funkstown, saw a charming pink house and inquired. Initially she was told it was sold, but the property later became available and she bought it.

Why yarn?

Since Wolcott was 9 years old and living in Washington State, she has been knitting. Her mother knitted off and on throughout her childhood and she and her sister, Jill Wolcott, picked up both the skills and the love of knitting.

"I'm a fiber junkie," Wolcott said. "I'll go out of my way for a nice ball of yarn ... all sorts."

While still working in the corporate arena, Wolcott and her sister had been organizing knitting getaway weekends and selling their wares online.

"Knitting is enjoying a resurgence," Wolcott said. "There are a lot of theories as to why that is but I believe it is because people are seeking a certain quality of life."

In a stressful world, knitting is something that is tangible and inherently relaxing. In addition, Wolcott said, it is supremely portable and useful.

"Knitting can be simple or very complicated work, depending on your mood," Wolcott said.

New methods, exciting new natural fibers, unique patterns - all are combining to add excitement to this time-honored endeavor.

Wolcott's sister lives and works in San Francisco where she is a knitwear designer. She, too, learned at her mother's knee.

"We do the getaway weekends together and also publish patterns," Wolcott said. In addition, Wolcott is the author of a book entitled, "Knitter's Notes."

That her life would become more involved in avocation than her previous vocation hasn't surprised Wolcott, 51, as much as her decision to open a shop.

"It's a great spot and there is a lot of traffic through Funkstown," Wolcott said.

And many of those people are from the metropolitan areas and are looking for something a little different.

With the shop to anchor her, Wolcott is nonetheless still very involved in planning the upcoming June 18-22 knitting getaway experience in San Francisco with her sister.

Getaway weekends for the remainder of 2003 are planned for New York, Washington, D.C., Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

At all of these events, participants can participate in knitting workshops, experiment with yarns and techniques, partake of food, yoga and massage and most of all, find inspiration in a relaxing environment, Wolcott said.

Y2Knit will be open Sundays from noon to 5 p.m. and Wednesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Visit and click on links to shop.

For more information call 301-766-4543.

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