School's about out! Now what?

June 10, 2003|by ANDREA ROWLAND

Washington County teenagers are looking forward to the three Rs - rest, recreation and revenue - after school recesses for the summer.

Wednesday, June 11, marks the last day of classes for the county's public school students. While some teens will focus on relaxation and fun for a few warm months, many others will spend at least part of their summer working to earn money for cars, college and other expenses.

"I'm working to pay my parents back for all they've given me," says Steve Muse, 16, of Hagerstown. While Steve works the cash register at the Giant Eagle grocery store in Hagerstown, Danielle Wohlgemuth will be working full time at Sears in Valley Mall, she says.


"I need to have some fun, so I'm not going to work, like, every day," says Danielle, 17, Hagerstown.

But Michael Sigler and Trista Richardson might.

"I'll probably be working all the time," says Trista, 17, of Hagers-town. She plans to save money earned from her retail sales job to help pay for college.

Michael also plans to bolster his bank account with summer employment.

"It seems like as soon as I get any money, it's gone. So I need to work a lot," says Michael, 17, of Hagers-town. That's why he plans to work full time at the Pilot Travel Center near Williamsport, mow grass for cash and do chores for relatives to raise money for his car and a computer certification class he's taking at Hagerstown Community College, Michael says.

Amber Ross also will spend part of her summer back in school - this time participating in a certified nursing assistant class she's signed up for at Williamsport Retirement Village, she says. In addition, she plans to work part time at Washington County Hospital.

"I want to be a doctor," says Amber, 16, of Cearfoss.

Nursing enthusiast Kristina Morris, 18, of Fairplay, will work full time at Ledo Pizza in Hagerstown this summer to earn money for college. She plans to attend HCC this fall, she says. Her primary vocational interests are welding and auto body work, but Amanda Hatcher will also earn money this summer working part time at Washington County Hospital. Amanda, 17, of Hagers-town, is saving money for college and a car, she says.

Fellow graduating senior Justin Forsythe, 18, of Hagerstown, will spend part of his summer bussing tables at Fountainhead Country Club to earn money for a car and college expenses, he says. Chelsea Milburn, 18, of Williamsport, will work full time at Red Lobster restaurant this summer before attending Hagers-town Business College in the fall, she says.

Other teens - including Williamsport resident Stacy Socks and Hagerstown resident Chellsie Dorsey, both 16 - will kick off their summers with job searches, they say. Similarly, future home builder Daniel Kelley, 17, of Clear Spring, will look for a part-time construction job to gain workforce experience, he says.

Good luck, says Ben Shields, 17, of Halfway.

"It's hard for us teenagers to find a job," he says. "You usually need experience to get hired, but you need a job to get experience."

Ben says his father helped him land a summer job at Ellsworth Electric in Hagerstown. He's grateful for the work - but he's not looking as forward to employment as he is to his upcoming trip to Alaska, he says.

Vacations seem to top many local teens' summer agendas.

Amber LeMay, 17, of Cascade, says she'll save money from her full-time retail job to help pay for a summer trip to Cancun, Mexico. Luy Doan, 17, of Hagerstown, will join thousands of other high school seniors who gather in Ocean City, Md., in June. Todd Garnand, 16, of Smithsburg is planning an end-of-summer trip to Florida. Graduating senior Chris Proia is planning a trek to the Sunshine State this summer, too.

"I'll be in Palm Beach water skiing and snorkeling," says Chris, 18, of Williamsport.

David Sanders, 16, of Cascade, will scope out Southern California in hopes of moving there after he graduates in June 2004, he says. Ashley Spizzo, 17, of Hagerstown, says she'll visit as many amusement parks as she can squeeze into her summer vacation.

In addition to tanning on beaches in Florida and Atlantic City, N.J., graduating senior Sasha Lucas plans to check out a few rock concerts. The Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera show is at the top of her concert wish list, says Sasha, 18, of Hagerstown. Camping and concerts will be summer highlights for Curtis Pattison, 17, of Smithsburg, he says. Curtis will attend the Vans Warped Tour show in Virginia in late July and go camping at Savage River State Forest in Grantsville, Md.

Summer will also rock for fellow graduating seniors Jason Banzhoff, 17, and J.D. Ridenour and Phil Kugel, both 18. The trio hopes their band, "Project Lug Nut," will have plenty of chances to perform in front of live audiences, they say.

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