Greencastle write-in candidates file petitions

June 09, 2003|by DON AINES

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - Five of the seven candidates who ran in the May 20 Republican primary for Greencastle Borough Council filed petitions to consolidate their write-in votes in hopes of gaining one of the three Democratic nominations.

The deadline to file petitions with the Franklin County Board of Elections was last Tuesday.

Incumbents Don A. Coldsmith, Harold E. Duffey and Jerry Pool won the three GOP nominations, according to the official count. While there were seven Republican candidates, however, no Democrats filed to run for council.

Coldsmith, Pool and Duffey filed petitions with the board to consolidate the Democratic write-in votes they received, as did Harry S. Myers and Shellie R. Leedham, who finished fourth and fifth in the GOP primary, respectively.


Coldsmith had 63 votes under the version of his name that appeared on the Republican ballot and 21 votes under four other versions. In order for all 84 votes to count, he has to petition the Board of Elections.

Pool had 64 votes as his name appeared on the ballot and a dozen others under six other spellings for a total of 76, if all are allowed by the board. Duffey petitioned to have 70 votes, 57 under one spelling, consolidated.

Myers, an incumbent, petitioned to have 64 write-in votes consolidated and Leedham has 67 she is seeking to have validated by the board.

If all the write-in votes for all the candidates are allowed, Coldsmith, Pool and Duffey will have enough to win the three Democratic nominations for the Nov. 4 general election.

The Board of Elections will schedule the candidates for hearings on their petitions.

A minimum of 10 votes are needed to secure a municipal nomination as a write-in, according to election rules.

In Quincy Township, Wilbur "Wib" Sanders, who won the Republican nomination over Supervisor Kerry Bumbaugh, petitioned to have 93 votes under 11 spellings consolidated. The most he had under any one version was 44, so he needs to have those numbers accumulated or the Democratic nomination goes to Bumbaugh, who had 48 of his 52 write-ins under one spelling.

Christopher A. Firme, the GOP nominee for Washington Township supervisor, got 113 Democratic write-ins, but no more than 50 under a single version of his name. Without accumulating those votes, he would lose the Democratic nomination by one vote to Jeffery L. Zody, the man he defeated for the Republican nomination.

Zody, who had a total of 56 write-ins, did not file a petition.

Dane Anthony petitioned to have more than 1,000 Democratic write-in votes under 39 versions of his name consolidated to become the Democratic nominee for sheriff. Sheriff Robert B. Wollyung, who beat Anthony in the GOP primary, did not file a petition to have his Democratic votes consolidated.

Wollyung said his own count showed he would only be able to consolidate a little more than 500 votes.

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