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Mail Call for 6/6

June 07, 2003

"If the Tannery workers continue to strike, they will get poorer. If the Tannery workers continue to strike, the union will get richer. The same situation has happened a thousand times before."

"I want to answer the person who thinks that the Blues Fest should be held in the Fairgrounds. The Blues Fest seems to be a promotion to get people into the square, so that surrounding businesses gets customers for two days a year. It's economic development on a limited basis. So there is your answer, Blues Fest is not going to the Fairgrounds, because the neighbors would then complain, because that is a residential area."

"I am not involved with Garden State Tanning in anyway, but I think that the union and the union members should be ashamed of themselves. This behavior of threatening and attacking people, blocking employees who are trying to get the plant is disgusting behavior. Start acting like adults instead of children. What ever happened to taking the high road."


"I would like to ask people around the Mapleville area to check around their houses for our little red poodle that we lost. She is only three months old. A reward is offered. Call 301-790-1471."

"The recipe for 1234 cake. It is at least 50 years old. One cup shortening, two cups of sugar, three cups of flour, four eggs. Separate the eggs and add the whites last. One cup milk, four and a half teaspoons of baking powder, half teaspoon salt, one teaspoon of vanilla. Mix the dry ingredients first then add the liquids, beat well. Bake at 350 degree for 30 minutes or a little longer until the straw inserted come out clean. That's it. Don't forget to add the egg whites."

"This is for the senior singles in the Tri-State area, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Hagerstown. My name is Virginia Bentz, my number is 301-739-8990, I wanted to let people know about the Tri-State Singles Group. My girlfriend and I started this group eight years ago. Men and women come to the group, we go to dinner one night a week, breakfast every Saturday morning. We have been going strong for eight years now. If anyone is interested we are going to be at Richardson's Restaurant on Dual Highway on Saturday, June 7, we will order from the menu at 9 a.m. and we start arriving at 8:30 a.m. There are no dues, no officers, just a nice group of people getting together to go out and eat. Once in a while we will have a picnic or a covered dish dinner at someone's home. I welcome anyone who is widowed, single or divorced, who is a senior."

"I see where they are going to build a 1,048 unit up around Mt. Aetna. But are they going to build another school? The schools aren't getting any bigger, but the children are coming in, which is great, but they better build more schools because there isn't a place to put anymore children."

"I am calling about someone steeling a wheelchair from a boy in the west end. I think this is a shame that people has to steel from a handicapped person. This child has to use this to go back and forth to school. So please return it."

"For all the people calling Mail Call and complaining about every little thing in life. Take things in life, as they are. Life is too short to complain."

"The zoning for the farm land across from Longmeadow Shopping Center, should stay agricultural. The best location for CVS Pharmacy is in the shopping center, where it is safely accessible."

"In response to the person complaining about the children going on a field trip to the City Park. When your child is in elementary school, remind yourself not to let them go on a field trip to the city park. It is called The City Park, therefore it is for the entire city, not just for mother's. I am a mother myself and I don't mind them going there, they deserve it."

"In reference to the Mail Call about a truck stop going in off Mason Dixon Road, this is true. There was a hearing for the zoning notice on May 14 and unfortunately only a handful of people attended to voice their opinion. The man who owns the AC &T Truck Stop is responsible for putting this distribution center there."

"About the child tax credit that Bush signed for and parents are supposed to be receiving a check in the mail. I would like to know who qualifies for this? I am a single mother with two children. When I received income tax, I was eligible for the Earned Income Credit. Does that mean that I'm not eligible for this credit, or is it for everyone?"

"Congratulations to a job well done, to Tammy Decker, principal of the Ebenezer Christian School for a beautiful graduation ceremony which was held on May 23. I have attended many graduations and this is the best one ever."

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