Mail Call for 6/5

June 06, 2003

"What is Superintendent of Schools Dr. Morgan thinking? Why would you cut the instructional assistants out of Title I schools? Doesn't she know how important they are to a lot of the students? Has she ever come to visit any IAs and speak to them directly? If it wasn't for this program, a lot of the students would be left behind. I believe that this is an outrage and she should reconsider. Let them stay where they are."

"Why is it that when you watch the pro golfers on TV they take off their golf hats to shake hands with their competitors at the end of a round. But I've watched and they don't take their hats off to shake hands with the caddies? Is that descrimination or what? And why do they take their hats off to begin with? It seems like a waste of time. You have to take your hat off with the hand you don't shake with, and then hold it in your hand while you shake hands with your free hand. Does this bother anyone else?"


"Why was the Boonsboro carnival left out of the media? The firefighters and ambulance services are just as important if not more important than the rained-out Blues Fest."

"How do you like the new cable bill that just came. We are getting another increase in our cable services. You can thank your Republicans friends down in Congress who thought that we had too much government and how they always want to regulate everything. They say that the competition will make everything cheaper, but what competition is there? Direct TV looks better and better every day."

"I am calling to let the people in the West End know that the disabled boy in the West End had his wheelchair stolen on Saturday. If you saw it in the neighborhood, call 240-420-0679."

"In regards to the article about Mountain View Cemetery. If more people who live in Sharpsburg would donate their time, or at least go do their loved one's grave, that would really help. To the person who said that there is only one person taking care of the cemetery. What happened to my dad, my brothers and my brother-in-law that goes and mows the tombstones and weed wacks? If you have time to drive by and complain, then you should have time to stop in and help."

"I was at the Boonsboro Carnival on Friday night and it was such a disappointment. The country singer that was supposed to be singing, she was supposed to sing at 9:30 for one hour. She sang for 15 minutes and said have a nice evening and left the stage. If this is the way the carnival is going to be run, then they aren't going to be making any money at all. She should have been booed off the stage after she said this."

"I am currently out of work right now and I am reading in the paper about Garden State Tannery in Wililamsport that is on strike. How greedy can you get, asking for more money when there are so many people out of work. I will take their job at any time."

"I have a very good friend that is in need of home care. She is really in bad shape. She can't seem to get any help at all. She has tried everywhere. She wants to know how someone with a lot of money and cars has home care that comes in two or three times a week and she can't get anything, just because she doesn't have much money."

"I was driving by the YMCA and they have a number under their sign on Eastern Boulevard. The number is twelve thousand and something. Is that the number of members or what? Does anyone know?"

"Plain old cheap shampoo that you use for your hair, is good for cleaning soap scum off the shower or anywhere else it is. Just buy the cheap kind that doesn't have any conditioner in it, rub it on, let it soak for a while, rinse it off and all the soap scum is gone."

"Does anyone in the Hagers-town area know of any yard sales where a person could rent space to sell items, that may be coming up in June or July?"

"Once Hagerstown gets a Kohl's or a Chuck E Cheese, I will be happy. But I am glad that there is finally a consignment shop in Sharpsburg. It's nice to have something closer to home."

"A possible solution for Garden State Tannery is to pack up their equipment, lock the doors and relocate where people will work happily for $20 an hour with health benefits."

"For whoever lost their keys at Boonsboro Carnival last week, it has a little pink springy thing on it. If you would call me at 301-432-6979 and leave a message on my voicemail or page me at 665-6298 and I will get back with you and I will be glad to see if these are yours."

"I need help on a project that I would like to change. I have Formica in my bathroom and I would like to know what has to be done if I decide to paint it or wallpaper it."

"Can you believe it? We were asked to move our American flag and our American Legion flag, representing our son in the Armed Forces, from the windows in downtown Hagers-town."

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