Mail Call for 6/4

June 05, 2003

"I am a Republican who will vote Democrat the next election because of the tax cut. The working parent who qualifies for the $400 check must have an income of more than $27,000. So I guess Bill Gates qualifies, but those who can't afford a decent life, won't! So unfair!"

"Will the person who called in about Bush signing a 10-year tax cut for $350 billion and working parents who qualify for Child Tax Credit are going to be receiving a check in the mail sometime in July. What are they doing for the older people that are on pensions? We don't get a check in July. Another thing, we pay taxes all of our lives. But what do we get? A $3, $4 or $12 raise in January, maybe. So that is your answer right there. What does he do for the older people in this country? NOTHING!"

"I have hundreds of Raleigh cigarette coupons. A call to them and a letter to them, the letter was returned and no response from the call. Does anyone know if these coupons can still be redeemed or not?"


"I previously called Mail Call about the advisability of following the directions of the county attorney in regards to the contract that has been a controversy. It seem that my thoughts were correct. He should not be giving orders to the county commissioners."

"Teachers not happy with the way things are going with the Washington County School System, don't get on the bus June 9 at 1:30."

"About the price of gas. I wonder why we pay $1.39 in Washington County. In Cumberland, Frostburg and West Virginia, surrounding Cumberland, pay $1.29. Why is this? Why doesn't it cost the same?"

"To the person who said he will pull the lever for Bush who is doing a great job. I will pull the lever on him, but not for him."

"Recently, every time I go to the City Park, there are so many elementary school students there that I can't enjoy the park with my young child. The lower parking lot on the south side is full of buses and there are no places to park. I don't know why they can't park up at the softball fields after dropping off the kids. If they added so much time to the school year to make up for snow days, perhaps they should be in school and not all over parks all the time. Leave the teaching to the teachers and the parks to the parents."

"I live at Cearfoss and at 6:30 a.m. on Saturday, May 3, we saw a black bear out the back of our yard across the road 494, went around the fence, come back and went down to Cearfoss. I tried calling the radio stations and the newspaper and couldn't get in touch with anyone. I just wanted to let everyone know that there is a black bear running around out there."

"My name is Elwood and I found a set of General Motors car keys with a pendant on Wood Haven Drive in Hagers-town. Call me at 301-790-2888 and identify them."

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