Mail Call for 6/3

June 04, 2003

"To all of the generous citizens of Washington County that helped the senior citizen couple with vet bills, if you would like to make a donation to help with vet bills for another compassionate and giving senior citizen, please call 301-992-2771 or 301-797-5512 for more information. This woman is now in the hospital and volunteers are caring for her 'stray' and rescued animals. We are in desperate need of help."

"I want to know what the Suns ball game and the Minnich Funeral Home have going on. I have seen the caskets and the ball players, but I don't know what it is all about. It's a contest or something. Can someone explain this?"

"There is a question in Thursday's Mail Call about who is responsible for the brick crossings. Something less than two weeks ago, a man named Fred Teeter, some sort of high-up honcho with a greater Hagerstown/Washington County Chamber of Commerce, took responsibility for those brick crossings being there. He didn't say, if I remember correctly, if they paid for it or not, but he did say that they were responsible for them being there."


"It appears that the county is once again embarking on the theory that if you build it, they will come. It didn't work with the water and sewer, it won't work with the runway. Carolyn Motz has still not told us what the economic impact is of not doing the runway extension and I don't know why we should believe that federal money will be here years after the project is completed. This one will bankrupt us."

"To my neighbor who thinks that he owns his parking space in front of his house. I have a news flash for you, buddy, you don't! Until the city assigns that space to you personally, if we need a parking space and it's open, we will park there."

"I just read how the city would like to give themselves a back 2 percent raise and also a 3 percent raise. Also, the County Commissioners would like to give the county a 2 percent raise now and a 2 percent raise later. I think the public would find it interesting that they didn't even fully fund the school health program and now they have to cut staff. That means that our children will not have the ratio of nurses that they need. I wish the county commissioner's would look into this and fully fund the programs that need to be funded."

"I just read a Mail Call about the condition of Mountainview Cemetery in Sharpsburg. We also went to put flowers on our loved one's grave on Sunday and was very disgusted to find half the cemetery mowed and the other half not. We went and mowed our own lot because it looked so disgusting. I don't know who is supposed to be maintaining this cemetery, but it really looks terrible. I would like some answers too because I don't know of any other cemetery that looks like this one does."

"I am calling in reference to the person who wanted to know when the huge yard sale on Belview Avenue is going to be. It is going to be Saturday, June 7, starts at 8 a.m. but I not sure of the ending time."

"There is a simple solution to the panhandlers at the Valley Mall. Don't give them any money. I see a man park his truck every Friday and park his truck and get his sign out. Homeless, my eye."

"I am calling in response to the person in Mt. Lena and the problem with groundhogs. My buddy and I are willing to shoot the groundhogs free of charge, only if they aren't close to any residents. My number is 301-797-5395."

"To the person who has the Elvis memorabilia, I am an Elvis fan and I am interested. Please call Mary at 301-665-1424."

"I just heard where there has been a large farm that was just sold north of Maugansville on Mason Dixon Road and there are plans to put a truck distribution center there. Does anyone know anything about it?"

"I am very concerned with the School Board taking away the librarian from Clear Spring Middle School and not replacing her. I know they feel that one librarian can handle both schools because there are only 900 kids, but that is two different buildings and two different schools. I think that is unfair to our kids. If we are so involved with 'no child left behind' and having highly qualified teachers, how can you have one highly qualified teacher at two different places at once. The math just doesn't add up. What can you do about this?"

"Didn't let Saddam get away in the first Gulf War? Mission accomplished."

"I understand a truck distribution center is being built on the Mason Dixon Road, does anyone have any information about this being accurate?"

"To the person who stole my granddaughter's speed skates from the Family Skating Center last Saturday night. I thought you would have returned them by now. But there are people who seen you take them. I hope you will return them and the skate bag. There will be a reward. Call 301-223-7588 or take them to the skating rink. There will also be a reward for anyone who knows anything about where the person is that took them."

"I am looking for a recipe called the 1 2 3 4 cake. I was wondering if anyone could put that in the paper."

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