15 acres offered for school site

June 04, 2003|by DAVE McMILLION

CHARLES TOWN, W.Va. - Saying they want to do their part to insure quality education in Jefferson County, developers of the Breckenridge community are offering the Jefferson County Board of Education 15 acres for a new school.

The school site being offered to the Board of Education is along Job Corp Road just before the entrance to the Breckenridge North subdivision north of Country Club Road, the developer said.

Board of Education member Doris Cline said she believes developers are becoming more interested in donating land for new schools in hopes of getting a break on the cost of impact fees if they are passed in the county.


But a spokesman for Breckenridge said his firm has no interest in getting any breaks for donating the land.

Instead, Jerry Connelly said Breckenridge developers want to donate the land to "help do our share" to build an effective school system.

"We've seen what's going on. We're a strong believer in good schools," said Connelly, vice president of B.C. Partners Inc., an affiliate of Pleasants Development Inc.

There have been steady population increases in counties to the east of Jefferson County and school officials have been concerned about the population growth spreading to the area.

Officials say nearly every school in Jefferson County is overcrowded and they have been working on an impact fee system to pay for the facilities needed to serve the expected student population in coming years.

Breckenridge is a long-established development that started on Country Club Road. A total of 282 houses are to be built in that section and 150 have been constructed, Connelly said.

Another phase of the development, known as Breckenridge North, will have 44 homes and about 37 have been completed, Connelly said. Breckenridge North is along Job Corp Road.

A new phase of the development, which will be known as Breckenridge East, is being designed, Connelly said. Although a total number of lots has not been determined for Breckenridge East, it will contain hundreds of homes at its site along Country Club Road, Connelly said.

The site likely would be used for an elementary school, said Superintendent of Schools R. Steven Nichols.

Breckenridge is the second development to donate school land to the board. Developers of the Huntfield development south of Charles Town recently donated 57 acres at that development for a second high school.

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