Nursing home's oldest resident dies at age 109

June 04, 2003|by LAURA ERNDE

BOONSBORO - Catherine M. Davis, known to her few remaining family members as "Aunt Kitty," died Tuesday at the age of 109.

Davis was the oldest resident of Fahrney-Keedy Nursing Home in Boonsboro.

"She was just a delight. We've all enjoyed being a part of this remarkable, amazing lady's life," said Martha Wolfe, a unit clerk on the floor where Davis had lived since 1992.

Davis was born in Mapleville on March 26, 1894.

Her husband, J. Franklin Davis, preceded her in death. Their only child, a son, died as a baby, family members have said.


She is survived by nieces, nephews and cousins.

When interviewed on her 105th birthday, Davis told The Herald-Mail that her longevity was nothing special.

"No secrets, just keep on going," she said. "Everybody has a different time."

Davis' time came in the middle of the night when she quietly passed away in her sleep, Wolfe said.

The Rev. Louis Emerick got up in the middle of the night to pray at Davis' bedside, she said.

Davis was hard of hearing and nearly blind, but she always tried to do as much as possible for herself, Wolfe said.

Until her death, she was able to feed herself. Among her favorite foods were bananas and ice cream, she said.

She was a straightforward woman who would tell you exactly what she believed, but always in a kind way, she said.

When she went to get her hair done, one beautician would hold her hand while another cut her hair, she said.

In her younger days, she liked to do needlepoint and cook.

Family members, who all called her "Aunt Kitty," raved about her slippery potpie.

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