Mail Call for 6/2

June 03, 2003

"Wal-Mart really doesn't need any more customers, but I would like to tell everyone just how nice they really are. Right after Mother's Day, I lost $27 worth of merchandise, I won't say how. Mine was an accident that was partly my fault and partly the checker's fault. I didn't discover this until I got home and started putting away what I bought. I had spent an $80 gift certificate from one of my daughters. I was nearly in tears when I went back to the store. The girl behind the service counter called one of the managers. He listened to my story and what had happened and all he said was give her a refund for everything on her receipt that is missing. I couldn't believe it; he made my day. Everyone in line was smiling with me because they were so happy for me. I fully expected to be told that it was too bad and there was nothing he could do. He believed me, I just would really like to thank the managers at Wal-Mart."


"Thanks to the students and faculty at Eastern Elementary for the great performance of 'Grease' last week. It was a very special evening and the kids were great."

"I just read another article about revitalizing downtown Hagerstown and making it pedestrian-friendly. The cute little expressions will not overlook the fact that there are bums, criminals and druggies in the downtown area. After about 3 p.m. it is just terrible and it's the same thing on the weekend. These consultants need to ask the average person on the street or at the mall, why they don't shop downtown, they will hear over and over again, 'too many bums.' Get rid of the bums like Frederick did and maybe we would have a vital downtown again. Every article in the paper ignores that fact and it will fail because of it."

"It is not unconstitutional because at 16 years of age, it's not a right to have a child, it's a responsibility to have a child, just as it's a right to vote as it's a privilege to vote. Big difference."

"I would like to say that the privileged parking signs for senior citizens that you see scattered around the area are not a Department of Transportation State of Maryland sign, like the handicapped signs, so therefore are not enforceable by the city, county or the state troopers, so therefore, anyone can park there. It only reflects the stores' preferences to cater to the gray majority."

"Old age is not a handicapped condition, so therefore without a blue handicapped sticker or plate, you are not allowed to park in a handicapped spot. Just because you are old, doesn't mean that are privileged to park in those spaces. You need the handicapped sticker or license plate."

"I want to know how people can get away with putting up new garages without a building permit? How is this possible?"

"In regards to the person in Boonsboro who wants to find the map of Maryland. There is a big tourist center in downtown that you could go to and get one for free."

"I want to know if anyone knows how to clean the black rim around a toilet. It's not rust, but it's black. I scrub and scrub and still can't get it off. I have tried CLR and Zap and none of that works."

"Does anyone know how to get the white off of a shower door? I have had trouble trying to get them cleaned."

"I want to congratulate all the police officers who carried the torch and did the run on Wednesday. Congratulations to all of you."

"No wonder our phone bill is so high, look at these big books that they send out. Why don't they just send it out once every three years. This is why our bill is so high. I don't want it, so I am going to put mine back in the mailbox."

"I have a suggestion for the city concerning landlords. There are a lot of good ones and bad ones. This is for the bad ones. If a landlord who owns property that he rents and also has a business on the side. My suggestion is, if the properties start going downhill and aren't kept in compliance with laws and ordinances, then this person that owns these properties, their business license should be suspended until their properties are up to code. Just a suggestion."

"Why should a councilman get away with walking their dog in the City Park? He said on TV at the meeting, 'let them get their ticket book out.' I have a question, how do you expect other people to obey the law, if you don't obey the law? Why do you think you should get away with it? You are no different than anyone else."

"To the person who commented on Hagerstown being a garden city because it is always dug up. That was a very witty comment. That is the best description of Hagerstown I have heard in a long time. Keep up the good work."

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