Letters to the Editor for 6/3/03

June 03, 2003

Gas too high

To the editor:

We all think the price of gasoline should come down even more to suit our income. It is still too high for us to afford. I would like to pay 60 cents per gallon, if not that $1 per gallon.

OPEC can get their money from somewhere else. Quit making us pay too much. When you have gas at 60 cents you will get an increase in buying gas. Even $1 a gallon is not too much to pay. Just think how much money you will make in the long run.

Steve Copoulos


Teacher supported

To the editor:

Ideas are rarely black and white, and the recent issue involving a North High teacher is no exception. What allegedly occurred on a recent Monday morning was a one-time, completely out-of-character reaction from a man one could never describe as anything other than gentle, patient, and understanding.


This teacher is, and always has been, an incredible educator and an essential asset to North High. Whatever school he may settle at in the future will be infinitely better off on account of his presence.

This teacher is the type of person with enough fortitude to willingly take responsibility for his alleged actions. He deserves not only our support but also our willingness to grant him our good wishes as he traverses this terrible time in his life.

Sir, a great majority of the staff and students at North High supports you, and will continue to do so no matter what the future holds.

John Cueto


North Hagerstown High

Keep them dancing at South Hagerstown

To the editor:

My daughter told me she wanted to take a dance class that Mr. Dominico recommended. I wasn't too happy with the idea but said "okay." I went to watch her dance class perform at the Washington County Technical High School. Their performance of "Suave/Rico" was overwhelming! I couldn't believe what they had learned in such a short time. Every time my daughter talked about another routine , I had to go see them rehearse. Each time I was astonished at how well the students performed.

Mr. Towson always welcomed my visits - even when my day care children came along. The program slowly grew from "Suave/Rico," then onto "The Prayer," "Turn It Up 4 The West Side Angel" and "The Chair." I was so proud of all the students in Mr. Towson's class. For the parents of the other students, you really should see them perform!

I was thrilled to have my son's fifth grade class and the fourth graders from Emma K. Doub see Mr. Towson's dance class perform. My son exclaimed, "Wow Mom, they can really dance!" Then my son demonstrated for me some of the improvisations the students did with "The Chair."

His favorite part of the entire performance was "Turn It Up 4 The West Side Angel." Most of all I want to congratulate Mr. Towson for his terrific dance class. The students have learned to express their feelings through different types of dance movements and how to improvise.

Mr. Towson's patience, experience, encouragement and support of the students shows in their performances. I hope this dance class will continue for other students to enjoy and have the opportunity to learn from a very talented man.

The first annual concert will be held Wednesday, June 4 from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. in the South Hagerstown High School auditorium.

Special guests will be the South Hagerstown High School Jazz Combo. Thank you, Mr. Towson, and keep them dancing at South High.

Jeri Lynch


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