Poll finds employers use Net in recruiting

June 02, 2003

Nearly one-third of Washington County employers use the Internet as a recruitment resource, according to a survey conducted by Maryland Job Service.

Some 142 county employers were among 346 Western Maryland employers that participated in the survey. Thirty-two percent said they used the Internet in recruiting employees.

The usage was spread across every industry, with both blue collar and white collar jobs represented.

Based on the employer feedback, it's a good idea for every job seeker to use the Internet in their job search. But what sites should a job seeker visit and how much time should be spent surfing for jobs?

Visiting company Web sites was one of the top suggestions. More and more employers list job openings on their home page and accept either applications or rsums on-line.


If you want to work for a specific company, make its Web site your first stop. You can do a little research on the company before you apply and tailor your application, rsum or cover letter.

This type of research is a good idea even if you cannot apply online. As one employer said, "Know something about the company, the job you're applying for and what you can do to help the company before you apply."

Industry-specific Web sites also were popular sources for employers. Health care, trucking, trade, government, construction, retail, aviation, technical and insurance sites were listed.

Specific addresses mentioned by some of the employers included,, Trade Jobs Online at,,, and A good place to find industry-specific sites is

General job search and career sites also appeared in the survey.

America's Job Bank, at, has all the jobs listed by Job Service offices all over the country and also contains jobs listed directly by employers and by many other Internet sites.

Other sites listed by employers included,,,,, and Employers also listed openings on local college sites such as

Media sites included, and sites of newspapers in surrounding states.

How much time should you spend searching the Internet for jobs?

Even Internet sites recommend using the Internet for only 10 percent to 25 percent of your total time spent looking for work. That time includes exploring careers, researching companies, posting rsums and searching for job openings.

Use the Internet to supplement traditional methods, not replace them.

Author Richard Bolles includes tips in "What Color is Your Parachute?" on incorporating the Internet into your job search at

Maryland Job Service offers Internet access for job search purposes. Staff members in the resource area will assist people who are not familiar with using the Internet and can recommend sites based on a job seeker's area of interest.

This article was written by Maryland Job Service.

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