Mail Call

June 02, 2003

"Now all those people trying to avoid the real issue of child safety, you are going to bring up car tags and where they are from. The other day, I saw tags from West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Georgia, D.C. Who cares where they have their cars registered? Worry about where these children are coming from and overcrowding the schools."

"If anyone can use any National Geographics, put your number in the paper and I will call you."

"Last week, I drove by Pangborn Park and it looks really nice. But at the west end of the park where the railroad overpass is, is a real mess. It isn't safe because people can't walk on the sidewalk because it is filled with trash and filth. Who is responsible for cleaning this up and why hasn't it been taken care of?"

"Will the person who said that gas was 85.9 cents a gallon when Bush took office. You better get your facts straight. Gas was over a dollar a gallon when he took office. I don't know where you are getting your information from."


"To the person who works at Washington County Hospital and park on South Mulberry Street. You have parking lots, please leave those spaces for the people who live on South Mulberry Street."

"The weeds in the fields between Pangborn parking lot and the Fairgrounds again this year are 3 feet tall. Many thistles and spreading weeds into the neighbors' yards. Please have the city do something and have the owners of this lot mow and spray these weeds."

"I am awake. I think President Bush is doing a great job and I will pull the lever for him."

"Last Tuesday in the Community Page, you published the new season for the Hagerstown Community Concert Association. After looking at their schedule and ticket cost, only $32 for all four programs, I called and asked where I could get their membership subscription form downtown, as it is difficult for me to get around sometime. They told me that the forms were available at the Washington County Arts Council Gallery in the first block of South Potomac Street or at the Visitors Welcome Center in the Square. I love to attend shows at The Maryland Theatre. I just thought that other folks would like to know about this show."

"I see the landfill fee is going up from $95 to $105, well above the inflation rate. Have any of you economical development gurus considered that we may buy new stuff if it were cheaper to throw old stuff away?"

"To everyone who doesn't want to vote for Bush again in the next election. Maybe you better think about voting for him again, because he just signed a 10-year tax cut for $350 billion dollars and working parents who qualify for the child tax credit are going to be receiving a check in the mail sometime in July. Also if you work, you will see an increase on your check because they will be taking less federal taxes off."

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