Pa. church provides a day of pampering


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CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - Classical music played softly in a classroom in the Christian Life Assembly of God Church near Chambersburg on Saturday morning as women of all ages received shoulder massages, manicures and hot wax hand treatments.

At other tables, Mary Kay beauty consultants taught new make-up techniques and helped women select colors of eye shadow, foundation and blush that best suited their complexions.

Chambersburg resident Chris Rodkey, secretary of Women's Ministries at the church, said the free day of pampering was intended "to bless the ladies. Everybody needs a day to just relax and be pampered."


Although Rodkey was providing some of the pampering by giving manicures, she said, "I'm being pampered by everyone being here."

Mary Kay beauty consultant Mary Middour of Chambersburg lined her make-over "students" up at the bathroom sinks and squeezed various emollient, exfoliating, sanitizing and moisturizing creams onto their hands, then had them rinse them off.

"I like it. I like it a lot," Amanda Morningstar, 10, said.

Other women dipped their hands in melted wax then peeled the wax off after five minutes. The process, which resembles someone removing latex surgical gloves, leaves hands soft and soothes arthritis, said Denise Angle of Chambersburg, president of Women's Ministries.

Angle stood behind Barbara Eby of Chambersburg and gave her a shoulder massage with an infrared wand.

A cloth bag filled with rice is heated in a microwave oven and placed around the client's neck to relax the muscles, Angle said. Then she works on the shoulders with the infrared massager or a small plastic massager.

Eby said she brought some friends with her to the first-time event.

"The ladies (who are pampering us) are so nice," she said.

Blood pressure readings and healthy refreshments - herb tea, fruit smoothies, fresh fruit, raw vegetables and dip - were also available.

Amanda Morningstar, her mother, Laura Morningstar, and grandmother, Mary Barnhart, all of St. Thomas, Pa., sat together at the make-over table learning make-up techniques and applying various creams and powders to their faces.

Amanda, a fourth-grader at St. Thomas Elementary School, said this was her first time to apply make-up.

"How many of your friends know how to put on make-up?" Middour asked her. "After today, you'll know how to put on make-up.""

"That scares me," Amanda's mother said.

When Middour talked about using concealer to hide blemishes, Amanda, who has fair, clear skin asked, "What's a blemish?"

"A pimple. A zit," Middour replied.

Meredith Johnson of Mercersburg attended with a friend. A ninth-grader at Heritage Academy in Hagerstown, Meredith tried everything offered, and especially enjoyed the hot wax hand treatment.

"This is the best," she said, peeling the wax off her hands.

Amanda said her favorite part of the day was "doing the (hand) lotion."

Later she asked, "When's the next pampering?"

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