Letters to the Editor 5/31/03

May 31, 2003

Relay a success

To the editor:

On behalf of the American Cancer Society, we would like to thank everyone who participated in or contributed to the Greencastle Relay for Life. Despite chilly weather and the threat of showers, 52 teams with more than 1,000 dedicated volunteers walked the high school track at Kaley Field to support the fight against cancer. Members of the Relay Planning Committee coordinated this amazing 24-hour event and we are grateful for their dedication and good humor. The total raised will exceed $150,000 - money that will be used for research, education, advocacy and patient services. Thank you, Relayers!

Corporate Sponsors Summit Cancer Services, Regency Thermographers, Graphics Universal, Inc., Rouzerville Ruritan, NBC 25, 1st National Bank of Greencastle, Frick Company, Jack Gaughen Realtor, Keystone Valley Electric, Inc., World Kitchen, Sprint, Lutheran Home Care Services, Inc. and South Central Surgical Associates provided more than $12,000 in donations. We are thankful for their generosity and that of the many merchants who also donated money, goods and services.


Anyone faced with a cancer diagnosis can call toll free 1-800-ACS-2345 or access the website at for information. Locally, call 264-4412 for services or info on becoming a part of the Relay for Life.

The Relay motto is "There is no finish line until we find a cure." Thank you to all who brought us one step closer to that finish line through your commitment to the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life.

Shendelle Clapper and Bev Kristine Co-Chairs

Greencastle Relay for Life

South wasn't racist society

To the editor:

"I am not now nor have ever been in favor of bringing about any way the social or the political equality of White and Black racesThere is a physical difference between the White and Black racesthere must be a position of superior and inferior and I am in favor of assigning the superior position to the white man."

- Abraham Lincoln, Charleston, Ill. 1858

Lincoln made similar speeches during the war and his administration the same thing. General Grant had slaves through his wife and stated the war was not over slavery. U.S. leaders openly admitted their racism to the whole world under the U.S. flag. This letter is a response to Richard Anderson, who claims Southern history is racist, questionable and worthy of the nearest garbage can.

If all Southerners are racists, then Anderson has to be consistent and proclaim Lincoln, Grant, the U.S. military, the northern people and the U.S. flag as racist and worthy of the nearest garbage can.

Jeff B. Rink

Martinsburg, W.Va.

God is coming

To the editor:

For 10 years I've been studying what is referred to as "Great Awakenings." A Great Awakening is a time when multitudes of people are suddenly awakened to their need for God. This type of awakening is labeled "Great" because of its widespread results. Thousands receive Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, crime decreases, church attendance soars, love abounds, prayer meetings are everywhere and the list goes on.

The events that preceded a "Great Awakening" are always the same. (1) a group of people met regularly for sincere and fervent prayer for God's visitation to an area, (2) there was a visible unity amongst the true believers, (3) Christians became serious about cleaning out the "garbage" from their own lives instead of complaining how bad the world was, (4) and Biblical truth was honored.

I'm happy to report that Hagerstown and this surrouding area has every right to expect another "Great Awakening." Large groups of Christians are now assembling on a regular basis to cry out to God to visit this area. Every Thursday from noon until 1 p.m., several pastors and laymen are meeting for real, earnest humility and prayer. And there are mammoth-size efforts under way to secure a true sense of God's presence to this Tri-State area.

Because this will affect this region, I thought it necessary to inform you of the undercurrent of prayer and efforts that are under way to see this area become electric with the power and presence of God. The results will be (1) a very real sense that God is in town, (2) love and unity will abound within the ranks of God's true Church (3) morality will soar (4) families will be strengthened (5) many will understand the claims of Christ and how credible He is and will turn to Him in faith (6) Christians will stop bickering over the color of the carpet and the length of the drapes in the sanctuary, (7) community action and good works will flow out from the churches, and (8) truth will be exalted.

Please understand that these efforts are Christ-centered, Biblically based, and non-ecumenical.

Non-ecumenical doesn't mean we show disrespect or hatred for anyone of another faith, it simply means that while you ask Christians to be tolerant, don't ask us to sell our beliefs. Heading up a movement that has guard rails and boundaries is not being intolerant, rather it means we've established a doctrinal statement that is the foundation of this movement.

John Miller Pastor,

Faith Christian Fellowship


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