Mail Call for 5/29

May 30, 2003

"I just read the Mail Call about the single mother with three children wanting a three-bedroom, two-bathroom house. My husband and I owned our home and raised four children with one bathroom. Now we have rental units and have tried Section 8 in the past. If you would leave your number, I will give you at least 12 reasons why we don't rent to Section 8 anymore."

- Hagerstown

"I think a member of the Mayor and Council owe the citizens of Hagerstown and explanation of why the bricks are at the crossing. Who, why and where. Who is paying for them? Come on, City Hall, speak up."

"Why are the students of Williamsport High School telling us the citizens of Hagerstown who we should have for a sister city? If you guys want to have a sister city in France, be my guest, but don't tell us what to do."


"I am calling about the Mountainview Cemetery in Sharpsburg. I was there on Friday to put flowers on my loved one's grave. The cemetery is so unmaintained that you couldn't even read the names on the markers. This is more than a one-man job. They have one man trying to maintain that large cemetery, which is almost impossible with all this rain. But yet, I ride by all the other cemeteries in town and they are maintained beautifully. Right across the road is a national cemetery that is absolutely gorgeous. Just remember that the town of Sharpsburg has military men that are buried there and their graves should be maintained as well as the national cemetery across the road."

"We are supposed to believe that Saddam left a billion dollars in cash for the Americans to find, he couldn't take it with him. But yet he hid weapons of mass destruction so well that the finest army in the world can't find them."

"What an outrageous waste of the taxpayers' money, $8 million from the county for a runway extension. You know we are federal and state taxpayers, too, and the other $47 million, we don't appreciate that being blown for an airport where you had two and a half passengers per plane. I have flown in and out of that airport probably 100 times. How many times did they use that runway?"


"I found a dog in the Williamsport area, at the Potomac Fish and Game Club. It's a male dog, it hasn't been neutered, it's black and has rust colors on his belly, the inside of the legs and the inside of his ears. It has a collar, but no tags. If you know anything about this dog, call 301-432-0211 or 301-573-6263 or 301-432-4920."

"Hagerstown should be called the Garden City because it is always dug up."

"To the person who said that we get everything free in the paper. We pay 50 cents for every copy of the paper. That is not free."

"Is there a store in the area that sells children's outdoor furniture?"

"Mt. Lena is over run by groundhogs. They are very destructive. We need some way to dispose of them without paying a big price to do it."

"Can someone tell me when the huge yard sale is going to be on Belview Avenue is going to be?"

"Thank you for returning my car key to the emergency room."

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