Former deputy poised to face sheriff in November

May 30, 2003|By DON AINES

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - For the first time since he was elected in 1991, Franklin County Sheriff Robert B. Wollyung will have competition in the November general election.

Former sheriff's deputy Dane Anthony, who appears to have won the Democratic nomination on write-in votes, will face Wollyung Nov. 4.

The official count from the May 20 primary was certified Thursday and Anthony, 43, of 517 Silo Road, had 615 Democratic write-in votes under one spelling of his name and 288 as "Dane Mark Anthony," the way his name appeared on the Republican ballot. Wollyung, 63, of 725 Stouffer Ave., had 193 votes for "Wollyung."


Each man, however, appeared to receive more votes under many different and often wildly incorrect spellings of their names. For Anthony, there were about 40 variations on his name, including "Sheriff Anthony," "Daine Antney," "Mark Anthony" and just plain "Dane."

There were approximately 70 different spellings of Wollyung's name, including "Woayong," "Wollgung," "Wollewesh" and "Wally-yung."

"The last time it was only 57 different spellings of my name," Wollyung said Thursday of the 1999 primary, where he won both party nominations. "It's really a thrill for me that people go to the trouble to attempt to spell my name, because it's hard."

Wollyung conceded he does not appear to have enough votes to win the Democratic nomination over Anthony, whom he defeated for the Republican nomination by a vote of 5,995 to 4,961. Consolidating all the variations of his name, Wollyung said he would have about 600 Democratic votes to about 1,000 for Anthony, who left the sheriff's office in 2002 after 15 years.

"I'm definitely not going to throw in the towel," Anthony said. "I'm just going to work harder in the fall, if that's possible."

Anthony said he had 2,000 stickers made with his name that Democratic voters could stick on their ballots. He said he handed out a lot of them to potential supporters before the election, but still had "a whole lot left over" after the primary.

Wollyung said he gave some stickers to poll workers, but did not hand out any before the primary.

"I was more concentrated just on the Republican side," he said.

In the fall campaign, Wollyung said he probably would put an emphasis on his background in law enforcement, which included 29 years with the Pennsylvania State Police.

At least 100 write-in votes are needed to win a nomination for a countywide seat.

To consolidate variations of names, candidates have to file a petition with the Franklin County Board of Elections by 4:30 p.m. June 3 in the Franklin County Courthouse.

The other county row officers, all Republicans and all unopposed in the primary, have more than enough votes to secure the Democratic nominations for the general election, although some will have to file petitions for consolidation.

Clerk of Courts William Vandrew had well over 100 votes, but not more than 55 under any one spelling.

District Attorney John F. Nelson received 126 votes under the name "John Nelson" and more than 100 more under other forms of his name. Unless he consolidates the names, however, he would automatically appear twice on the November ballot as Republican John F. Nelson and Democrat John Nelson.

Controller Carol Fix Diller has more than enough votes under that spelling of her name, but will consolidate all the variants "because these people went to the trouble to vote for me."

Register and Recorder Linda Miller, Prothonotary Linda Beard and Coroner Jeff Conner all will be double nominees as well.

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