Letters to the Editor - 5/30/03

May 30, 2003

Pay if you want

To the editor:

For the supporters of politicians who suggest that Americans are not paying enough in taxes, the following suggestions may be useful:

First, write your representatives in Congress and ask them to add an extra line to the 1040 tax form for a voluntary tax. Anyone who thinks they are not paying enough in taxes may enter any amount of additional money they may want to contribute to the coffers of Congress for the politicians to redistribute.

Another suggestion would be to not claim any deduction on your tax form, thus keeping your taxes higher.

Bob Buck

Cumberland, Md.

Choose life

To the editor:

I am here today to write you this letter because 12 years ago my mother and father chose life. Unfortunately, in this modern society, not many people are making the same choice. When citizens today commit the grave sin of abortion, they do not consider that if their parents had chosen abortion, they would not be alive to have any choices at all.


Abortion is murder, (just like the sniper attacks, the World Trade Center and the human shields of Saddam Hussein). All of the aborted babies are just like the victims of these murderous crimes. Unborn babies are living beings, created in the image and likeness of God. They have fingerprints, a heartbeat and moving arms and legs. Human beings are not the ones to decide life or death.

Only God the father, the one who made us all, can make that choice. But being the loving God he is, he gives us free will to obey his rules or not. I urge you to print my letter to show people that abortion is a crime. Even our Declaration of Independence goes against it by stating that "all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

Thomas Dudich III


Working people get whacked again

To the editor:

I just read the article on raising driver's license renewal fees. Now isn't that a wonderful idea. Yeah, right. As usual, the working stiff who makes less than $30,000 a year gets it right in the neck. Now $10 doesn't sound like much and it's not. I've got a problem with what they want it for. The trauma centers, maybe, uninsured people. Sorry.

Now I know people are going to take this the wrong way, but let's face it, eight out of 10 people with more than three or four kids are not out of work because of hard times, they're not working because they choose not to work.

You know taking drugs, selling drugs, and having more babies that the working stiff has to keep.

There are a lot of jobs that don't carry insurance. I know that. But that brings me back to eight out of 10 jobs that do. Why not ask for donations for trauma centers or better yet, why don't the doctors quit asking for more money and think about the oath they took.

But please don't give it in the neck to the working people again.

But all in all, it's a wonderful idea.

R. Guessford


Thanks so much

To the editor:

Recently, I was on my way to the VA Center in Hagerstown, when my truck had a problem in the Smithsburg area.

A very nice young lady stopped to see if she could help. Upon learning of my destination, she very kindly offered to take me to the VA Center.

Deeds like this give you a good feeling to know there are still good people in our midst. I want to express my deepest thanks for this young lady's care, concern and thoughtfulness.

R.D. Lynerd

Waynesboro, Pa.

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