Aleshire says he violated park rule regarding dogs

May 29, 2003|By SCOTT BUTKI

Hagerstown Councilman Kristin B. Aleshire announced during Tuesday's Hagerstown City Council meeting that he has violated City Park rules repeatedly by walking his two dogs on the edge of the park property, which sparked a weekend complaint to the Hagerstown Police Department.

When Aleshire, who lives in a neighborhood behind City Park, walks his dogs behind one part of the park, he has to choose between walking on the road, which doesn't seem safe, and on a path on park property, Aleshire said.

When he walked his dogs twice Sunday, a person in the park parking lot "berated" him for breaking the park rules, he said.

Aleshire responded at one point by handing the person a business card identifying himself as a city councilman and suggesting the man come to Tuesday's council meeting to raise the issue there, he said. The person did not attend the meeting.


When he walked his dog again Monday, the person called the police and an officer talked to Aleshire about the problem, he said. No ticket or citation was issued, he said.

"You might as well get out your ticketbook ... I am not going to walk on the roadway," Aleshire said during Tuesday's meeting. "I make no apology for my behavior."

At Aleshire's request, Mayor William M. Breichner agreed to put the issue of dogs at city parks on the agenda for discussion at a future council meeting.

The discussion also will focus on a proposal to allow dogs at Fairgrounds Park, Breichner said.

- Scott Butki

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