Blast from the Past

May 28, 2003

Week of May 25, 1953

The Washington County Women's Temperance Union meeting at Keedysville E.U.B. Church on Wednesday was a serene session until Mrs. Fred Scheller gathered the trash from lunch and took it to the furnace room.

As she opened the door, an owl flew out of the furnace and cowered in the corner until help arrived.

The State Board of Health this week in an annual report disclosed that 2,897 marriages were performed in the county last year as against 2,811 in 1951, and that 179 divorces were granted against 219 in 1951.

The government is about ready to start erecting poles at its mystery project between Greencastle, Pa., and Leitersburg.

Poles apparently will reach about 120 feet into the air, each of them consisting of two poles spliced together. Spicing of poles has been in progress for several days at the site near Leitersburg.


Week of May 25, 1978

Even though the pool will not open for another week, until inspections are completed, the dedication of the refurbished North Street Pool, with keynote address by U.S. Sen. Paul Sarbanes, will take place Sunday at 2 p.m. as planned, according to Chris Keyes, secretary of the Memorial Recreation Center.

Unless the City Council holds a meeting to seek public comment on a higher tax rate, taxpayers will see a decrease in the city tax rate for the first time in several years.

State fiscal experts say the municipal tax rate can be cut by 4 cents without experiencing a decline in revenues over the previous year.

The Fire Historical Preservation Society of Cumberland Valley has asked the Hagerstown City Council to donate a 1947 Ahrens Fox fire engine for display in a museum to be built at Ditto Park within the next two years.

If the council decides to donate the engine to the historical society, it will be housed at the Funkstown Fire Department until the museum is built.

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