Mail Call for 5/27

May 27, 2003

"There was a song last week when the council meeting was on Channel 6, then went to break. There was a fast dancing song on there. I was wondering if anyone knew what the song was and who sings it?"

"Can something be done about the conditions of the road around town? I am mostly talking about with all the construction going on, especially downtown. There seems to be a lot of glass, nails and garbage. The streets around here need to be cleaned up. I am tired of getting flat tires."

"The North End needs some kind of department store around here. Sure, we have the shopping center on Garland Groh Boulevard and the mall, but we need a store like Kohl's or Ross since we don't have Sears anymore."

"I wish people wouldn't follow so close to someone's bumper. When someone puts their four-ways on, that means that you need to back off. Those kind of people wonder why there are so many accidents. Well, stop following so closely and stay off the cell phone."


"The Mail Caller wanted to know why there were speed bumps in the Prime Outlets shopping center. They were put in to slow down the traffic in there. I commend that shopping center for doing that. I think the shopping center at Wal-Mart should have them put in also."

"What happens to these crossings when these roads are resurfaced, for instance, when they blacktop them?"

"I am calling about the 79-year-old widow that has some pine trees in her yard that need to come down. If you would call the light department and phone company, they will come out and trim the trees away from the lines. They won't cut them completely down, but they will trim them away from the lines."

"In reference to the 93-year-old man who was giving tips on arthritis. He said to stand on a countertop with both hands on it, put your feet three feet apart on the floor. Well, if your feet are on the floor three feet apart, how are you going to be standing on the countertop, too?"

"I am calling concerning a very torn and tattered American flag hanging up on Westside Avenue. I wish you would take it down, it is very unpatriotic and a disgrace."

"I read in Thursday's paper that gas prices are dropping. Well, when Bush took office over two years ago, gas was 85.9 cents a gallon here. Big deal."

"Everyone in the United States has a right to free speech, even the Dixie Chicks. However, so does the American public, if they choose to boo, hiss or not buy or participate in any of the Dixie Chicks performances."

"Has anyone else out there seen the footage of a young man at a baseball game running over an old man with a cane to get a baseball and then laughing about it and then holding the baseball up in the air? This just proves that young people these days don't have any respect for anything or anyone, including themselves and basically aren't worth anything."

"So you say you have never seen graffiti. Well, why don't you stop by the 100 block of North Mulberry Street. But be careful, you may hit a child playing hopscotch in the middle of the street. Will someone please help us down here?"

"I want to know where in the world is the city and county government getting these people who are making these day-to-day decisions? The city of Hagerstown, the finance director and the economic development coordinator said to free up the parking meters so more downtown shoppers would come down. I have news for you, even if there was free parking, why would people come downtown? There's hardly anything there. As for the county wanting to spend $60 million to extend an airport runway. Then some of the commissioners saying they didn't even know anything about the additional cost, at the same time the FAA is going to extend the flight operations from 10 miles to 30 miles, which in a cinch would shut down the airport (when President Bush is at Camp David). I think it's time for the city and county to make a change in their administrators."

"Does anyone know when the annual yard sale of children's items is being held this year? It has always been in the old Wal-Mart parking lot in the past."

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