Mail Call for 5/23

May 27, 2003

"How is a father of two children get off without paying child support? He goes to court and is fined $500 to $600 and is ordered to pay this in so many weeks, but if he doesn't pay up then nobody does anything about it. He goes to court again and is still behind, he is let out again. He should be put in jail if he doesn't pay his child support."

"I feel that the Washington County School Board needs to have a policy about hiring supervisors that don't live in the state or county. For instance, the Transportation supervisor gets more than $90,000 a year, plus a vehicle to drive and he lives in West Virginia. So therefore, he doesn't pay any Maryland State taxes or Washington County taxes. Also, supervisors seem to get raises year after year, when the support staff doesn't receive anything. They need to put their foot down."


"I read in Wednesday's paper about the changes being made in the school system. It's hard to believe that we don't have qualified people in the county to do these jobs and have to go out of state to find them."

- Hagerstown

"To Mr. Munson and the director of Public Works, stop whining about the shortfalls. Start earning your money, figure out ways to cut your Road's Department money. Just stop whining."

"Good job on banning Dodie Green off of Bester's property. Just because there is a traffic problem, doesn't mean that we need that kind of attitude on school property."

"I read in the paper that we weren't going to get our roads fixed because the deficit that our prior governor left. I think it's a good idea for these people that voted for this man the past eight years to dig in their pockets and try to support some of this highway money. Bad enough we have to have cigarette tax and stuff, but why do we have to pay for it now."

"In reference to the handicapped parking spots, I think the city engineer and the city administrator better realize that the council makes decisions, not just one person. I want to congratulate Penny Nigh for having the guts to bring this out and make this council aware that it takes all five members to vote and not just one."

"In Tuesday's paper they were about the crumbling highways in the county that can't be fixed because there isn't enough money. They have enough to build a ridiculous fancy brick corner on each Hagerstown City Intersection. Plus, they put a brick crosswalk on every corner. Who in the world makes these ridiculous decisions? I sure would like to know."

"In Tuesday's Mail Call there is a hip hip hooray for Bob Bruchey for his articles in Letters to the editor. If he did such a good job or is so great, then why wasn't he re-elected?"

"Why are the people so upset of the new paid obituaries in the local newspaper? All newspapers have paid obituaries, or at least 99 percent of them do. Call around and ask. Why does everyone think they should get them free? The (Herald-Mail) give you free weddings, free community news, free engagements, free student news, free veggie photos, free military news and who knows what else for free. And the funeral homes charge you anyway and call it a funeral notice charge. They charged me and they were all free at the time. Get a life people, pay and quit complaining."

"I want to thank all the crossing guards for the great job they have been doing this year and in the past. They probably don't even ever hear a thank you from anyone. At Bester the crossing guards are doing a great job. Putting these green ribbons up is a great idea."

"Where are the hummingbirds? Has anyone out there had any hummingbirds visiting their gardens yet?"

"Does anyone have any information regarding the 30-year reunion of North Hagerstown High Class of 1973? If you do, call me at 301-733-5521. I haven't heard anything yet."

"I was calling to find out if anyone has any extra wild mushrooms? I can't mushroom hunt anymore because of my health. I love mushrooms, so call 301-733-5521 if you have any extra."

"Come on people, I am the first one to criticize The Herald-Mail if they do something I don't think is right or fair. But these people talking about the obituaries is ridiculous, the same obituaries that have been printed for years for free are still available. The obituaries that have 13 kids and grandkids, if you allow them to print all of that, it would take the entire page. Use common sense people, they have to set a limit somewhere."

"I've been reading in Mail Call how they are really laying in on The Herald-Mail for charging for obituaries. I can understand that completely. I have seen obituaries that people have put in at different times that takes up one entire column, from top to bottom. If everyone did this at no charge we'd have three pages of obituaries for maybe six or seven deaths. So how can we blame The Herald-Mail? You have got to put a stop to something like that somewhere and if your relatives are worth having their names put in there then what's the problem? If they're worth putting in, then why not be willing to pay for it?"

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