Letters to the editor - 5/23/03

May 23, 2003

Not quite heaven in West Virginia

To the editor:

What in the world is happening to Charles Town, W.Va., when a person cannot use a logo that is acceptable everywhere else? Charles Town has some of the tackiest buildings and signs, but we decide to pick on one store. It's small-town politics at its best.

Instead of worrying about and threatening legitimate businesses, why don't you worry about the things that matter. Try for instance schools and traffic?

You keep allowing construction of all of the new homes and subdivisions, but you have nowhere for new residents' children to go to school. Jefferson High School is a joke. You are bringing in all of these new homes, but the people who live in them work out of state. I am sure we will be hearing about another school bond and levy you want the taxpayers to pay for.


And U.S. 340 is impossible to get into West Virginia every night. Are they going to try and get a levy to improve that? The taxpayers who live off Route 32 cannot even get off the mountain without taking risks anymore. How many accidents and deaths are going to have to occur for something to be done?

Why do West Virginians work out of state? Because West Virginia does not pay well as a whole. It is a necessity to work out of state. And what few businesses we have are being forced out of business because someone on the commission is offended by a sign. Well I and many others are offended by the commission.

Sharon Pennington
Harpers Ferry, W.Va.

Celebrate the volunteers

To the editor:

The week of May 18 through May 24 is National Emergency Services Week (EMS). We recognize and celebrate the important contributions to the health of our community made by EMS personnel, dispatchers and the Washington County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association.

Washington County Hospital salutes the men and women - both career and volunteer pre-hospital care givers - who are the lifeline to emergency care for the residents of our community. They are a dedicated group who continually strive to provide the very best in emergency care for anyone needing their assistance.

There are approximately 154 advanced life support and 500 basic life support providers in Washington County. They serve in eight companies. Not only does the hospital receive their patients, but also patients from six Frederick County companies, 10 companies from Pennsylvania and four from West Virginia.

The dispatchers at the response center are another crucial link to the outstanding emergency services provided to our community. Their knowledge and skill in helping those in distress on the other end of the telephone line is vital. Last year, they dispatched 13,679 calls in Washington County.

On behalf of Washington County Hospital, I send our appreciation to the valiant men and women who provide emergency services to our community.

James P. Hamill
President and CEO
Washington County Hospital

Charley Reese is all-knowing

To the editor:

Why do we need the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the National Security Council and the CIA and FBI when we have Charley Reese? He knows it all.

George H. Garbark
Berkeley Springs, W.Va.

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