Mail Call for 5/22

May 23, 2003

"So you have arthritis? Try this, which I do. Stand at a countertop with both hands on it, two feet apart and feet on floor three feet apart. Now, twist and turn and bend forward, again and again, until you are tired. What about me, I am only 93. Just trying to help you see. I use my tiller, my chainsaw and lawn mower, so this exercise works for me."

"I just wanted to thank anyone who had anything to do with the wagon train over the past weekend. It takes a lot of hard work and planning to do this. Again, thanks to everyone. I plan to keep on seeing this every year as long as I am alive."

"Last week someone was seeking information on CPWC, Citizens for Protection of Washington County. They have a Web site, it is"

"I just found out that the Maryland Theatre wasn't going to offer the Broadway with the shows next year. I think this is a big mistake. Am I the only one in town who thinks that this is a cultural thing that we need to keep?"


"I am a 79-year-old widow and I have some pine trees in my yard that need to come down. I don't have the money to have them cut down. They are interfering with my light and phone wires. Anyone who would want to cut them down for me, leave your name and number in Mail Call."

"Isn't this amazing, the mayor and council aren't going to raise fees in downtown Hagers-town, but they are going to raise the fees around the hospital. Is this some way of getting back at them because the hospital is moving out of the city?"

"Suitland High School, Class of 1953 and 1954 is getting ready to have a 50-year reunion. We know of at least one graduate who lived in Smithsburg. If there are any others, please contact, 301-745-3919."

"I remember reading in the paper where someone lost their Scooby-Doo key chain with a black key on it. It was left at the emergency room. Give us a call at 301-790-8300."

"On May 2, I lost my engagement ring, after almost a week, I lost all hope of finding it. But on May 8, I was contacted by Gary, manager of Martin's Market on Wesel Boulevard. I would publicly like to thank him for his kindness, honesty and concern. Now my husband and I can celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary with extra joy, knowing that there are people in the world like Gary. Many, many thanks, Sue."

"If your heat is included in your rent, then how can they turn your heat off whenever they feel like it?"

"I would like to know when the police are going to enforce the headlight law in Washington County. When the wipers are on, the headlights are supposed to be on. At least 15 percent of the people don't and I have never seen a person pulled over for it.

"I would like to know who is in charge at the Municipal Golf Course now? We have weeds out there that are almost up to our knees. I know that we have had rain, but this is ridiculous."

"This is for our neighbors on Hickory Lane. If you have a problem with our dog, come speak to us instead of calling the SPCA. We would be more than happy to introduce you to Duke and you can even have dinner with him."

"Does anyone know of a school in the Hagerstown area that teaches tractor-trailer driving?"

"Hats off to Dodie Green whose picture was in the paper the other day where she was trying to get petitions for the traffic problem. She is on my side, she needs to be applauded for what she is standing up for. The principal has no right to ban her from the school property."

"Even though Giant Eagle is redoing their shelves, if you go to the meat department, that lady back there will help you find anything you want."

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