Letters to the editor - 5/21/03

May 21, 2003

Don't be a grump and spoil family fun

To the editor:

My family and I are residents of Hagerstown, and we really enjoy attending games at Municipal Stadium and cheering on the Suns.

I would like to respond to the complaint made by John McCune to the City of Hagerstown about being inconvenienced by the late night fireworks show at Municipal Stadium recently.

He may not realize it, but the Suns organization provides a great source of entertainment that is family oriented at a reasonable price - cheaper than a trip to the movies!


The Suns include kids in many aspects of each game, and they allow families to enjoy the love of the game without paying big city prices. It is a shame that McCune chose to complain about one incident that may cost Suns fans one of their favorite promotions and may ultimately cost Hagerstown its team altogether.

It takes promotions such as this to attract crowds to Municipal Stadium, crowds that are essential to the Suns' existence in Hagerstown. It is amazing to me that local residents are always complaining about "nothing to do in Hagerstown," etc. but when an organization such as the Hagerstown Suns attempts to provide a fun, wholesome atmosphere for families in the local area someone always has to find a way to ruin it.

It only takes one person to ruin a good thing, just as this incident proves. My family and I just hope that the Suns will be able to continue to provide fireworks entertainment at Municipal Stadium and that the city will not let "one spoiled apple ruin the whole bushel."

B. Edward Davis and family

Library helping Cascade Committee

To the editor:

The Cascade Committee is a permanent civic organization whose primary mission is to address quality-of-life issues for the unincorporated community of Cascade. It is comprised of volunteers who are committed to working with area citizens, government, nonprofit and for-profit entities to address economic, social and educational issues affecting our community.

The committee has a formal membership approaching 150, which is a remarkable number considering that we are a relatively small rural community of about 1,400. The Cascade Committee has a Web site - - that is geared to providing up-to-the- minute information regarding our community and region. We communicate with our members via the Web site, e-mails, and postings at various businesses and public locations throughout the Cascade community. For example, Cascade Committee meeting minutes are provided via e-mail to more than 180 Cascade area residents and on our Web site under "news."

The Cascade Committee realizes that many of our members and area residents don't have Internet access, which would allow them ready access to our Web site for up-to-date information concerning our community.

To address this communication "gap," the Cascade Committee made arrangements with the Blue Ridge Summit (Pa.) Library to serve as a depository for Cascade Committee records. The Cascade Committee will provide binders containing paper copies of Cascade Committee meeting minutes, community updates, information of importance to the community and opinion pieces.

Further, the Blue Ridge Summit Library has computers that allow access to our Web site.

We are deeply indebted to Blue Ridge Summit Library officials for their generosity in working with us to better communicate with the Cascade community. The Cascade Committee's members appreciate and understands the outstanding cultural role that the Blue Ridge Summit Library plays in our regional community. We encourage Cascade residents as well as area residents to support this remarkable gem that provides a critical need in our four-county, two-state community.

Karl Weissenbach
Director, Cascade Committee

Parking should cost less, not more

To the editor:

Today I read your front-page article on the proposed parking meter increase for Hagerstown. I moved here from Towson in 1996, and during that time I have witnessed the demise of the downtown of a once-vibrant city. There is no need to rehash the problems here, as they are painfully obvious to the public and the body politic.

An increase in parking meter fees can only add to the already declining rate of commercial activity downtown.

The purpose of this writing is to point out the parking meter situation in Shippensburg, Pa. I travel to Shippensburg several times a year. The meters offer the first 15 minutes of parking free, which allows one to enter a shop to make a purchase or conduct a business transaction. If they require more time they will feed the meter accordingly.

I did not see signs of vacant store fronts or failed businesses. The main street is full of activity during a weekday.

Perhaps Hagerstown could adopt such a parking program downtown. It could be the first step to bring back the commercial activity that it deserves.

Paul C. Helm

Show respect

To the editor:

People, it's not the landlord's fault when you get evicted, it's yours. You either don't pay your rent or you're not a good tenant. You have to pay your rent and keep your apartment in good shape and clean.

You can't beat up walls or break windows and you have to keep floors clean and know when to quiet down at night. Your landlord is giving you a place to live. Get with it, tenants. Show your landlord some respect. I have a beautiful apartment and wonderful landlords.

Kay Schindel

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